Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

Benson, Arizona
Cochise Terrace

Just a few catch ups from this previous week.  First off the good news all the doctor appointments went fine and we're good to go for another six months.

Yesterday we  we're driving west on I 10 and saw this accident.
I didn't get a very good photo but the truck was on it's side.

Dad's favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and we wanted to treat him to lunch.  It's a shame we have to drive to the valley for the closest one.
On the drive home the traffic was backed up a couple of miles on I 10 from the overturned truck we'd seen on the drive up.

This morning we had an appointment  with our family doctor, stopped for breakfast, picked up our medication, and pulled out of the RV park by 10:30.  

Sharon gave us directions and said to be sure and not take Cactus Barrel Ridge.  We needed to take the one that said south.  Bill took the Cactus Barrel Ridge road which turned out to be the right one even though he was wrong.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

Sharon showed us around Cochise Terrace.  It's really pretty here with some fantastic views.  
Here's where we are parked for the night.  

Here's Sharon and Don Del Rosario's place.  
What a great job parking it.  The photo doesn't show the posts that the slide comes out in between.  

There was a little excitement at the truck stop.  Bill was pumping diesel and it was really pumping slowly.  I mean real slowly.  Sharon and I were sitting in the truck just gabbing away like we haven't seen one or the other in years.  Bill's starring at the pump watching the gallons trickle in.  A guy pulls in to the next pump and gets out and yells at us that the diesel is running out from under the truck.  The cut off didn't work and there was diesel everywhere.  
Don and Sharon suggested Pablo's for dinner.  Once again it was a good choice.  I had Hoki which was delicious.  Bill, Don, and Sharon all chose the sirloin steak.  Besides a great entree the side dishes were just as good.
Tonight was a special night as Don was celebrating.  You'll have to read Sharon's blog to find out why he was celebrating.  The reason should come from them.  

The evening was fun and we've already got our plans for tomorrow in Deming. 

We're finally on our way to the Escapade in Goshen.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Amazing - I barely posted my blog a few minutes before you did yours! You're always so quick.

    Great pictures. We enjoyed the afternoon and evening together, and look forward to travels tomorrow.

  2. Have a fantastic time heading up to Goshen. I am sooooo ready to get out of here. Less than three weeks.


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