Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chapter 21 Day 3

Tucson, Arizona
Lazydays KOA #1357

Morning coffee, donuts and yogurt was well attended.  The rally hosts are so accommodating they even ask you what kind of donuts you want and order them for the next morning.  

Since we were going to Sabino Canyon for a tour and it included a picnic lunch Don suggested we pre-order sandwiches at Subway.  When we arrived they had the order they just hadn't made the sandwiches yet.  

Bill and I have lived in Arizona over 20 years and never been to Sabino Canyon before.  This was a real treat for us.  The parking lot was nearly full and I can imagine what it would be like on the weekends.  It was a perfect day for a hike, a little cool with no winds.  We had time to check out the visitor center before the rest of the group arrived.   
Sharon and Bill donned hats for the adventure.

I has no idea that there were freshwater jellyfish.  

Even though the visitor center was small and crowded it was very interesting.  Sabino Canyon became part of the United States in 1854 with the Gadsden. Purchase from Mexico.

There were some covered and open air tram cars that take you up through the canyon.  There are nine tram stops where you can get off and on as you desire.  

This is one of the nine very narrow bridges that we crossed.

Here's some of our group.  I think they must have been on a wanted posted somewhere.  They didn't want anyone to see their faces.  
These are the original rest rooms built back in 1930.
Marti was so full of information.  She told us of her days as a teenager visiting the canyon.  

Marti and Jean picked the perfect spot for our picnic lunch.  

I wanted to go back into the Visitors Center when we returned to get something.  

If you've read my blog a lot, you know I usually sign off saying "Turtle Safely".  Well I found the perfect stuffed animal for the 5th wheel.  I have always felt we travel as a turtle.....with our house and slowly but deliberately.  If the weather closes in we go inside.  

Now my big problem is the turtle needs a name.  Can you help out and give me suggestions?

We arrived back in time for Bill to carve a little.  He decided the wood dried out too much so needs to get a spray bottle to add some moisture to the wood.  

Just enough time to shower and change clothes before going to happy hour.  

The prize drawing was held today as tomorrow will be the Gaslight Theater.

After Happy Hour Don and Sharon wanted to go to Mama Louisa's for dinner.  
The food, atmosphere and service was so good, I didn't even think about taking photos until we were ready to leave.  This has been one of the best restaurants ever.  

Don't forget to give me some ideas for my turtle's name.

Turtle Safely.....


  1. Male or female? Sabino canyon has been on my to do list for a couple of years now. I'm hoping next year is the year.

    1. Billie (girl) Billy (boy) Original, huh? :)

    2. I've had suggestions of Snapper, Snappy, Timothy, Myrtle, Toby, Traveler, and Fertile.


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