Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did We Say Windy?

Dalhart, Texas
Elks Lodge

If you been reading my blog the last few days and you're tired of hearing about the wind, stop reading now.  Today was the absolute worst day of the winds.

We left Santa Rosa under sunny and calm skies.  I said I'd do the first shift of driving as the winds get bad later in the day.  It was beautiful for the first hours.  Our travels took us over I 40 and then north on US 54.  As soon as we'd traveled about 45 miles the winds started.  They were much stronger today.  Tumbleweed was flying across the road.  
When we got into Texas, the winds had increased.
The dust really became a problem.  
Believe it or not, Sharon and Don are in front of us.  This is when we decided to quit for the day.

Thankfully, there were two sites left at the Elks Lodge in Dalhart.  The wind was blowing so hard you could hardly open the doors.

Sharon and Don changed drivers at a construction site, one of the advantages of a motor home over a 5th wheel.  I ended up driving the whole way.  The yellow shooting glasses really helped with the visibility.  

Here's the few out our back window.  

Don and Sharon said a local lady recommended this restaurant.

Bill wanted to know if he could buy these six guns.

The food was very good as well as the service.  Of course we all ate too much.  
I know it's difficult to see but those of you who know Don Del Rosario probably have never seem him wear long pants and socks before.  If you enlarge the photo maybe you can see the pants.  

Bill took this photo yesterday and I forgot to post it.  This was very near where the turnoff to go to Lincoln County and see Fort Sumner where Bill the Kid escaped from jail.  It's good I was behind the wheel then or we would have stopped again.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Oh my gosh, with those higj winds I would have been white knuckle. Glad you arrived safely.

  2. Sure hoping your weather is better day. It's still really windy here today. Not sure we would have kept going as long as you did.

  3. It's never pleasant to have to drive in the wind. Hope it's better today.


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