Friday, April 25, 2014

Stuffed and Stuffed Some More

Deming, New Mexico
Dreamcatcher Escapee Park 
Site #20

We pulled out this morning about 8:30.  Don lead the way and I followed him.  Bill was the co-pilot today.  It was such a nice day for driving, we didn't stop until we reached the Escapees Park.  

I was happy to notice that the one section of I 10 that was so bad the last time we came through had been resurfaced.

After we got parked, Bill, Sharon and I went to Walmart.  Our Rand McNally GPS quit and we thought maybe it was the cord.  We found a Radio Shack but they didn't have the correct cord.  I took apart another old power cord and swapped the fuses and it now works.  

We paid for one night here, but the lady that checked us in said they were expecting gusts up to 60 mph.  Not sure what we'll do tomorrow.  That's the beauty, we don't have to go down the road until we're ready to.   It's nice to pull into a park and you know someone here.

Shirley and Doug Miller are here.  They decided to join us and the Del Rosario's for our dinner at the Adobe Deli.  Now if you have never been, it's worth the trip to Deming to go. It's located out of Deming about 10 miles in the middle of nowhere.   It's a very old school that was built in 1955 ( I think I got that date right).

It doesn't look like a restaurant.  Are we sure we have the right place?

Finally there is a sign.  This must be the place.  The dog came to greet everyone.

Billy and Billy.
I was wondering if this used to be a taxidermy shop.

What a bar!

Notice the size of the TV screen.
I ordered the fish platter.  There was shrimp, crab, scallops and fish, baked potato, salad or soup and cole slaw.  I had the salad instead of the french onion soup. Sharon said the soup was delicious.  
The grape vines were covered with masses of tiny grapes.  
Turtle Safely........


  1. Lee always talks about how good the Adobe Deli is. Weather is looking pretty lousy out your way so please be safe.

    1. We'll stay put a couple of days. Looks like once it blows through it will be better. Tell Jim to cancel fishing for a day or two.

  2. The Adobe Deli is one of our favorites!

    Yes, those awful NM winds, seems this is a severe warning. Albuquerque channels are saying 30-45mph sustained winds with gusts of 65-75mph or higher. I'm not liking the sounds of that. We had 60mph winds when we were in Deming. Never fun. Stay safe!

  3. What a cool place.

    Every blogger in that area has something about the wind on their posts. Just sit tight! No reason to put yourself in danger.

  4. Awww! Now I'm jealous...Adobe Deli. My mouth is watering. Too bad our rig is in for repair.

    1. I thought of you when we were there. I'm glad you have a dealer you can trust to fix the slide problem. Keep us posted on your plans and maybe we'll see you this summer.

  5. Stay put! Don't go anyplace with winds like that. The Adobe Deli is quite a place. There's a pizza place out of town that we went to also. Fantastic pizza. Lee (IYQ) is still in town at the Low-Hi Park.

    1. I think we'll be here until at least Monday. Hopefully, this will blow through and we'll have a window to make some miles.

  6. Said it before but compliments are gems. I love your new hair!


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