Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday

Mount Airy, North Carolina
Mayberry Campground
Pull Thru #65

Yesterday, Bill washed the truck.  Did you see on the weather shows about hurricane Arthur?  We are in the Piedmonts which are west of the beaches.  It was another beautiful day until about dinner time.  It started to rain and the rain came down for almost two hours.  Did I mention Bill washed the truck? 

Happy Birthday!  Today is our daughter's birthday.  Called her first thing this morning and woke her up. 

Happy Birthday, America.

This morning the day was gorgeous, if not a little cool this morning when Bill wanted to go to a real "flea market".  He doesn't like ones that sell socks, purses, and new things.  This one had a lot of fleas, so much so, they were infested!  We drove over about 9 am.  Most flea markets are in full swing by then.  The parking lot gate was closed so we asked someone where to park.  He said, "That there is the owner over there, he probably knows where you could park."  The owner told us he forgot his key but we could park by any of the no parking signs.  No problem there aren't many people here.  I didn't mean customers, I meant the vendors.  They were just arriving and visiting with one another. 

The only thing I bought was a basket of tomatoes.  For all the rain we had the night before, there wasn't much mud.

The Mount Airy 4th of July parade was suppose to start at 11 am.  We were there early enough to walk along Main Street. 
The stores all had Mayberry souvenirs.  This store had a Floyds barber shop chair for photos.
Of course, Bill had to go to jail in this store.
He decided being Sheriff was better
than this.
Here I am outside Snappy Lunch.  We're going to go in for a pork chop sandwich later this weekend.
There actually is a Floyd's City Barber shop.  Bill just got a haircut in Virginia so he didn't try it out, but it did have a pole. 
Let the parade begin.

Everyone thought the parade was over but we soon found out what was holding it up.
Red, White and Moo wanted no part of walking straight down the street. 
This was the only marked police car but there were a lot before this one that was unmarked.  I omitted those photos to protect the police department. 
This ER vehicle was dedicated to breast cancer and was signed by individuals. 
Here's some photos of the RV park.
This park doesn't have a swimming pool but our neighbors brought their own.
Bill loves hats, so he bought one for me. 
Tomorrow the RV park is having a free dinner. 
We never did find out where the pie eating contest was, or if the town will have fireworks. 
Turtle Safely......


  1. We love little town parades. We have seen several and just enjoy how much pride the locals take in their community.

    You look good in your new hat.

    1. I searched a long time to find she liked and would wear. I think this is it. Looks cute doesn't it!

  2. Then, it's your fault that big storm is hitting the east coast. You shouldn't have washed the truck. It always rains after we wash a vehicle.

  3. Small town parades are the best. Have you seen the Casa Grande Christmas Parade? We loved it.

    1. Actually, I was in it when I was working.

  4. Glad to see you had a great 4th of July parade and all.

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement following the loss of our beloved pup Molly. Your thoughts are much appreciated by both Paulette and myself.

  5. All your pictures make me want to go back to Mount Airy and do it all again. But we probably won't this trip.


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