Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mid Atlantic Montana Rally Day 2

Seviersville, Tennessee
River Plantation RV Resort
Back In Site #145

The Mid-Atlantic Montana Rally doesn't officially start until the meet 'n greet at 6 pm tonight.  Bill and I both wanted to tour the Bush's Bean Factory and Museum and figured by the looks of the rally schedule, we'd better go today.  

Bill turned 78 years old today and thought maybe he'd like to do something special for his birthday but like he says "everyday is special".  

I thought I remembered Polly saying it was in Pigeon Forge.  We are located on the Parkway (the main bumper to bumper traffic jam to Gatlinburg.) Bill took the turn out of the campground.  If anyone has ever gone to Myrtle Beach or a tourist area like it, it's just one car after the other creeping down the six lanes of traffic.  

Restaurants, go carts, water parks, zip lines, helicopter rides, hotels, dinner shows, souvenir shops, western stores, outlet malls, you name it, they sell it here.  

We drove through Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and entered the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  I checked the address and it said 3901 Hwy 441 unfortunately there is also the same address in Dandridge, TN.  No problem we only went out of our way by about 50 miles.  

The scenery was beautiful and the day was picture perfect.  I failed to mention that the last two mornings were record cold temperatures.  In the low 50's and we've used the fireplace the last two mornings.  

When we entered the Bush's museum we were immediately greeted by Robert who explained the history and story of Bush's beans.  

There was an interactive museum and then a video that explained the history and whole manufacturing process. 

You walked inside this big can of beans and videos played telling you different parts of the process. 

I guess we just take tin cans for granted.  Can you imagine a hole in a can in which you fill the can and then solder it shut?

Bill wanted to know what blind staggers remedy was used for.  

Bill was presented with a special gift since it was his birthday.  It was a tin can bank.  
Duke gave this bank his stamp of approval.  
Yes, we did see pigs fly.
Robert came by to say he was disappointed that he was tied up with a group and couldn't present the bank to Bill.  

Everyone got a souvenir photo and you got to choose what background you wanted.  Naturally, we wanted the one with Duke and the saguaro cactus.

Of course, we had to play tourist and do photos from these props.

Duke was so well behaved, he didn't droll on us at all.

This was the Bush family home.  
Our return trip back to the campground was very short in comparison to the trip to Bush's.  

By the time we returned we sat outside with other Montana Owners and watched people arrive.  

Traditionally, with the Montana group, their meet 'n greet is enough food for dinner.  This was no exception.  

Ted also had a birthday today and the whole group sang Happy Birthday to him and Bill.

I believe there are 30 rigs here.  One couple was involved in an accident, one had truck problems and one other couple had to cancel.  Not bad for a small local rally.  

Of course, there will be a lot more attending the National in Goshen in September.  

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  It starts for some at 6:45 am, but not for this girl! 

Turtle Safely........

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