Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mid Atlantic Rally Day 3

Sevierville, Tennessee
River Plantation RV Resort
Back In #145

We really didn't get moving early this morning.  I was glad there weren't any planned activities except for the golf which started at 6:45. Did I mention that was 6:45 AM? It wouldn't be a fun activity for me to be up and about by then.  

Before we knew it, it was time to join up for the caravan to the Country Tonite.  The show started a 3 pm but we were asked to be there by 2.  We had excellent seats and the show was wonderful.  It had an excellent balance of dancing, singing and comedy.  
The girl in the center was 13 years old and she had a wonderful voice and also played the bango.  

This is Big Bubba, Elvis's cousin.  
Jim Fischer was picked out of the audience and he really hammed it up.  You would have thought he had rehearsed the part, it was that good.  
We were all laughing so hard.  
She is going to be a big star someday.  

We were told that they were trying something new for the show during the patriotic section.  A bald eagle was suppose to fly from the far end of the theater to the center stage.  The eagle flew from the corner of the theater right up on the stage.  It then flew back from the stage and then did a big detour and wouldn't fly back.  It was still spectacular!  

After the show was over, we all had reservations at a nearby restaurant.  

When we returned we took a walk trying to reduce the results of such a large meal.  It didn't work.  

There was a group forming at the campfire, but we don't usually do that due to Bill breathing all that smoke.  

Turtle Safely........

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