Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Siamese Twins.

Mount Airy, North Carolina
Mayberry Campground
Pull Thru  #65

It's amazing what a difference a day makes.  Bill had a bad night last night.  I'm sure the steroids makes it difficult to sleep.  

Yesterday, we thought Jim and Sandie Dixon were here. This man was out walking two dogs that looked like Skittlez and Scooter from a distance. 

Of course, on closer view they weren't "girls".
I hadn't done laundry since we were in Follansbee, off to the laundromat we went.  Bill said he was feeling better and my foot quit swelling so we drove around Mt. Airy.
This town is just plain fun.  You can take a trip around town in an old squad car with the driver giving you stories.  

I wanted to see the Eng and Chang exhibit that is at the Mount Airy Regional History Museum.  It's the building behind Bill in the photo.  

The building itself was wonderful and had all original hardwood floors. Old foggy rate was $5.00.  This museum had four floors and was very well displayed.  
The time period began with the Indian era.
A log cabin likes this takes 3 days to complete.  Can you imagine cutting down the trees and making everything?

The brick building that houses the museum was a hardware store.

Bill enjoyed reading about a shooting in a courthouse in which 5 people were killed and seven were injured.  57 shots were fired.  
  I found the Donna Fargo exhibit more interesting.  
She is quite a lady.  I didn't realize that she writes for Blue Mountain cards.
There was a section on Andy Griffith.  I found the Andy Griffith show on TVland last night and watched it.

The musuem also had a display on J. E. B. Stuart and military memorabilia.

 I enjoyed the Eng and Chang story.  They were born in Siam and joined at birth.  They were suppose to have been killed right after birth but no one knows why they weren't.  

Eventually, they were put in a show that traveled around the world.  They eventually married the Yates sisters.  Chang had problems with alcohol which affected Eng.  They had many fights about it.  Chang married Adelaine and they had 10 children.  
Chang was the taller twin.  Eng married Sallie Yates and they had 11 children.  They finally decided to have two homes and they would spend three days in one and then go to the other home for three days.  Whoever's home they were in was in charge.  

The campground we are in has Eng and Chang as street names.  There also is a bridge named for them.  

This museum had a section on the fire department. 

Here's Bill beside a 1926 American La France.
This was the original Mount Airy fire truck that was purchased in 1917.  

There was also a train exhibit in another section and a how to make corn whiskey.  It was an excellent museum and displayed very nicely.  

We made a quick stop to pick up Bill's other prescription that they didn't have yesterday.  I went and bought more peaches and bread and came back to find Bill with no package.  The salve the doctor prescribed was $269.13.  Bill told them to keep it.  

We did see a banner across Main Street that says they will have a parade and pie eating contest on the 4th.  Sounds like fun.  

The temperature was 91 today but we both didn't notice it since the humidity isn't bad here.  

We're on the mend and hope to explore more of the area.  One place in particular is Pilot Mountain.
For those of you who have been sending me photos of turtles, here's one I picked up in Ohio.
Frank and Gloria might be interested in the fact that North Carolina has 80 brewery's. 

Turtle Safely.....

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  1. It's amazing how much there is to see out there. With all the pictures we keep taking aren't we glad we don't have to pay big bucks to have them developed and printed anymore.


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