Friday, July 11, 2014

Surrounded by Water....

Gainesville, Georgia
COE Bolding Mill Campground

Last night wasn't a great night for Bill nor I.  We knew we needed to be at the Ram dealer to repair the mirror on the truck in the morning and also it was a hitch day and for some reason we had a hard time sleeping.  

I was concerned about traffic in downtown Spartanburg but we didn't encounter any.  The parts man told me the parts should arrive by 9 am.  We pulled into the dealership before 9 and the part was there.  I'm sure I could have put the mirror on, but the labor was a minimum charge and I thought if I dropped it and broke it, we'd be out of luck so we let them install it.  The paperwork took longer than anything.  We were back at the campground by a little after 10.  

This park we were in has to be the friendliest one ever.  The owners  have owned it for a little over a year.  The fellow, I forgot his name, came over to find out if the truck was taken care of.  His wife came out of the laundromat to wave good by and thank us for coming.  

Polly, I forgot to mention the horseshoe pits were right in front of us. 

Our route today took us over Highway 290 to I 85.  We pulled into the Georgia welcome center and I have never seen such a huge parking area for trucks and RV's.  The spots were also very wide.  We headed north on Highway 173 and then west on Highway 23.  The two lane roads were in very good condition.  

We are in a beautiful Corp of Engineers park on Lake Sidney Lanier at the Bolding Mill Campground.  When we arrived they told us to pick a spot and then register.  There were a lot of waterfront lots available, but knowing this was Friday we figured there would be a lot of families here for the weekend that would want those sites, so we chose one with views of the water.  
It was a beautiful evening and it didn't rain when we grilled dinner.  The weather was so nice we even ate our dinner at the picnic table.

My only complaint is these beautiful trees have some kind of red berry that gets all over the bottom of our shoes.  

Bill's happy.  It 7 pm and he's outside cleaning the truck.  I'm sure tomorrow will be a polishing day because it will be dark before he can finish tonight.  

Turtle Safely......

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