Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The World's Largest.......

Mount Airy, North Carolina
Mayberry Campground
Pull Thru #65

We sat outside this morning enjoying the weather.  Our neighbors came over to inquire if we liked a fifth wheel.  He has a class C and is thinking of switching.  We visited  with them until lunch time.

I decided I needed a haircut, since my last haircut was in Casa Grande in April.  It's always scary in a  strange town.  We found a Great Clips.  Not great but at least I got the hair off my neck.  The girl that cut my hair told us that the NC Granite company was very interesting.  She gave me directions and we drove out to see it.  

It was different from the open pit copper or coal mines we've visited.  As soon as you entered the mine there is a nice park like area and a sign to go 3 tenths of mile to the observation area.  

I found out that there are larger pit quarries which are below surface but no larger open face quarries in the world. You could drive across the face of the quarry or walk on it.

According to history, John Gilmer purchased several thousand acres of farm and woodland in 1872.  When Gilmer discovered the land contained 40 acres of rock, he demanded that he be reimbursed for the useless part of his tract.  "Thus, the world's finest natural quarry "changed hands for nothing."
The North Carolina Granite Corporation

When the Woodruff builders were hired to build the railroad stations for the Greensboro to Mount Airy Railroad they found the local "Flat Rock" worked well.  In 1889 they purchased the land from John Gilmer for $5,000.  They also bought additional land.  Quarrying has been in operation without interruption since 1889.

Some interesting facts:
"The Mount Airy quarry is in the shape of an enormous oyster shell and covers approximately 90 acres under operation.  The deposit is approximately one mile long and one third mile wide.  Geological mapping shows the total mass to be approximately 7 miles by 4 miles and 6,000 to 8,000 feet deep.  Since 1889, quarrying has been in full operation and according to depth tests they have only scratched the surface.  Geologists informed them they can quarry for approximately 500 more years without exhausting the supply."

Another interesting fact is they use gunpowder not dynamite in the blasting.   

After the ride to the quarry we spotted a sign that pointed to J. E. B. Stuart birthplace.  We took the road but all we found was a historical marker.  

Bill wanted to top of the fuel tank before the holiday weekend so we drove to the next little town which is in Virginia and saved about 25 cents a gallon as diesel was $3.75.  

One thing I like about this campground, they have small shelters everywhere with about 10 picnic tables and a fire ring.  They even have swings scattered about.  It makes a friendlier place and everyone stays outside.  It was 96 degrees when we were at the store and I was amazed that we didn't complain about the heat.  At least the humidity isn't bad.

Turtle Safely.......



  1. It is scary to get a haircut from someone you've never been to before. Terry and I had our worse haircuts every in Casa Grande last year. I was worried about it before. Now I'm terrified.

  2. Interesting story about the Quarry. Looks like they'll be in operation for a lot of years to come.

    1. I enjoy seeing something that I've never seen before or had an interest in.

  3. Paul would love to visit that Quarry. Thanks for the heads up. On our list for that area.

  4. I use Great Clips on the road too but yes, it is very scary.

    Mines are not my thing. Sorry.


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