Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Deer pulls a Montana

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart 4H Fairgrounds

The last couple of days we didn't do much of anything except watch the rain.  We extended our stay as we were waiting for some important papers to arrive.  

This morning we awoke to a lot of fog.  No problem we only have to go 18 miles.  The fog lifted and it turned out to be a beautiful day....well almost beautiful.  

We hitched up and decided maybe it would be best if we backed out of there due to all the soft ground.  Okay, so we can't go backward, let's try going forward.  Well now what? 

I went up to the office and they sent Gary down to help.  He said they do this all the time.  His John Deere came to the rescue.  He attached a tow rope to the truck and  it came right out.  The blocks we had put under the level ups were sunk in so deep we had to pry them up.  It reminded us of the Escapade in Sedalia.  
Well as Bill says it could have been worse.  "It could have been a Chevy pulling him out".  
We've had sure great times while we've been staying here, that it's a good feeling when we arrive
Do you think the flashing sign out front had something to do with that great feeling?
Here we are all set up.  We're in site #212 which is down near the 300's sites that run along the tracks.  I also called that section near the "babbling brook".  We'll be here 8 days before we move over to site #429.  Maybe by then we'll be used to the train traffic.  

Turtle Safely.....

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