Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Neighbors....

Bremen, Indiana
Pla-Mor Campground

Yesterday Bill and I explored Nappanee.  We browsed through some antique and furniture stores.  Just enjoying the small town atmosphere.
These apples were in front of the local stores.
A soda shop had this "apple" outside.  The good looking guy isn't for sale!
I believe this one was in front of an auto supply shop
I tried to get the side of this mouth to show the details go completely around all sides of the apple.  Must have been a dentist nearby.
I thought this apple with a worm was the cutest one. I wish I knew the story behind the apples but hopefully I'll find that answer before we leave the area.  
Polly this sign is for you.  We will be here on Thursday so maybe we should check this out.  

It was just a laid back day and the kind we've needed for awhile.  

Here's a view as we come into this section of the park.  We're the closest fifth wheel in the photo.  Sorry about the reflection from the windshield.  

I was reading Nick Russell's new book this afternoon when I heard someone pull in next door.  It was Jim and Sandie Dixon!

They had originally planned to stay in Scotsboro which is in the southern part of the state.  We had talked about meeting up there a couple of months ago, but when we came here, Bill didn't want to move until the Montana Rally. 

Jim and Sandie are on their way to Virginia.  Sandie is having trouble with all the grass and this place has lots of grass. 

We had dinner outside and gabbed for awhile until everyone agreed we were all tired.  Jim and Sandie had a long drive and she said they didn't get a lot of sleep because of all the electrical storms they had.   

Turtle Safely..... 

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