Thursday, September 25, 2014


Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Site #429

I have been so busy with the Montana Owners Club Rally that I haven't had much time for blogging.  There was a short break for lunch, so I'm eating lunch and writing this.  

There are 77 rigs in attendance and I think about one third are newbies.  It's nice to meet the new people and see them totally amazed about this MOC family--and it is a family.  

Last night was the "meet 'n greet".  I think I counted 10 eight foot tables of food last night.  Ron Lichtenberg explained what the events are for the week.  

Believe it or not, I'm not a public speaker, but I had to get up and tell them what we are doing as coordinators for the 
white elephant gift exchange.  

Today was the ladies driving school and this year, Montana brought the new rigs for the ladies driving school to the fairground.  I think there were some men peeking behind trees, to watch their wives drive for the first time.  But if anyone saw them, they removed them.  

 Bill took this photo of John Kohl at the ladies driving school tent.  Now, do you think he was there to steal some donuts?  What are you doing in there?   We all know he doesn't need driving lessons, he could be teaching them.  

I forgot to mention that one couple that are newbies had a badge on from the town my sister used to live in.  I told them my sister's name and they know her.  It's a small world.

Gary Wheeler, from Moryde, gave an excellent seminar.  I even understood some of it.  

Dexter Axles also had a seminar that was very informative.  It's nice to know that Keystone uses reputable companies and components when building the Montana's.  

At the coordinators meeting Mary presented everyone with a gift bag in appreciation of us volunteering.  Guess what was in the bag?

Anyone who knows us, knows we don't pass up candy factories.  There's one just down the road from Pine Ridge RV Resort in Greenwood, Nebraska.  They really know how to show their appreciation with Baker's Chocolates.  

Montana also gave everyone a laminated certificate of attendance.  The goody bag was filled with all kinds of useful stuff.
Here we are in our excellent location.  This was taken early in the day.  

Bill and I walked down and watched them put up the tent for the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale which will be going on tomorrow.  By the time we walked back up the coaches started rolling in.  

And in....
And in....
And in.....
Tonight is the Amish Dinner and we are looking forward to that.  By the time you get back, they have a campfire and by the time you go home you just climb into bed.   because they have a walking group at 7 am and coffee at 8.  

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