Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saying Goodbye and Hello

Bremen, Indiana
Pla-Mor Campground
Site #P88

If there is one thing we love about this lifestyle it is the friends we've met.  Yes, some are acquaintances, but most are true genuine friends.  I still can't believe that Jim and Sandie Dixon went out of their way to visit with us.  The icing on the cake was when they extended their stay.  Sooner or later the party has to end, or else how would we start another one?  
They are all packed up and ready to leave.  Don't let Jim's short sleeve shirt fool you as it was in the 50's. 
Dixon's Dinky ready for the road.  I think a lot of you said you liked the name.  

As Jim and Sandie pulled out Bill asked me where we were meeting Bryan and Jane Rose.  I told him at McDonalds.  Can you imagine that Bill wanted to know which one, the one in Bremen or Nappanee?  I never thought to ask so I had to call Bryan and we agreed to meet in Bremen.  I think Bryan already knows I'm a scatter brain.  Wait until he finds out about my calendar deficiency!

We really enjoyed our visit with them and discovered we know many of the same people.  Sometimes you just hit it off and I must say Bryan and Jane are the kind of people you feel you've known for a long time.  

After our visit with them we took a drive up to Wakarusa.  I must say this visit was all Karen Knoll's fault.  She told us about the Dime Store a few years ago and even though we were here last year and also in May, we never had the time to visit it.  
A whole store devoted to candy!  I felt like I was in heaven.  Even better, they had samples.  
I saw candy that I remember buying for a penny at the local drug store when I was a kid.  
I spent a quick $23.00 but I'm sure it will be enjoyed.  Bill was disappointed that they didn't offer samples of the fudge.
This mosaic is made out of candy.  My kind of artwork--candy coated.  
Here's what we brought home.  The licorice is for my Dad.  

A brochure of the Wakarusa Dime Store that was included with our candy said "The Wakarusa Dime Store has roots in the Wolfberg Department Store.  Established in 1907 by Mose Wolfberg, Mose would travel much of Elkhart County with a pack on his back, selling his wares from farm to farm previous to establishing the Wolfberg Dept Store.  Soon, Wolfberg added a variety store which today is the Wakarusa Dime Store.  In the late 1960's in an effort to establish a candy for the newly created Maple Syrup Festival, Wolfberg's son, Louie, came upon the idea of Jumbo Jelly Beans.  Selling 100 pounds at the 1st festival.  The Wakarusa Dime Store today sells over 75 tons."

As we were checking out, I saw an aquarium with gummy snakes.  I thought about buying them for Polly to see if that would get rid of her fear of snakes, but Bill reminded me of my "joke" on Sandie about a rescue dog.  I decided it might not be a good joke.  

As we were coming home, I noticed that the Dutch Village was still open.  We enjoyed walking through, but we did see that they were closing in 20 minutes so we rushed through it.  It's one on those come back places.  

Turtle Safely....

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