Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We are early, but almost late...

Hastings, Michigan
Camp Michiawana 
Back In #18

We were in no hurry to leave today as we didn't have far to go.  Bill pulled out about 10:15.  I offered to drive today but Bill took the wheel.  As we were driving on all the back roads which were two lane, no shoulder and tree lined, the GPS told us to make a U-turn.  You've got to be kidding.  There were blind turns, no shoulder at all and trees everywhere.  

When we pulled in, we were immediately greeted and told to back in to number 18.  It was a blind side back in, but Bill had no problem getting it around the trees and parked.  I was real proud when Bernie and Carole Patton pulled up and said I gave great directions.  

Tomorrow begins the Escapees Chapter 6 Rally.  Anna told me there were 25 rigs in last night and I think about 7 have come in today since we arrived.  They are expecting 39 rigs.  Last year when we attended, I couldn't believe that we were one of the last to arrive, even though it was early. It looks like being early is a tradition with this chapter.

They've picked a beautiful location.  The meeting room is directly across from us.  It's hard to believe you can get such huge sites with water and electric for $17 per night. 

Polly Folger would be happy as the horseshoe pits are behind us.

And this is an EMPTY playground behind us.  I've noticed that all the playgrounds in Michigan seem to have the wooden tractors for kids to play on.  

Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera to happy hour.  The circle kept growing and growing.  Bob Horwood went over the agenda for the rally.  It promises to be a good one.  

Since my last blog, Bill decided that "the kitchen sink" was the best flavor of ice cream at Turkeyville.  I learned the MOO-ville Creamery is nearby and they give tours and samples.  Someone told me the corn flavor was delicious.  You know I'll need to make that judgement on my own,  I'll be happy to let you know what I think.  

It looks like it's going to busy the next few days.

Here's a footnote.  I forgot to tell you that Bill saved another life.  It was a baby turkey that somehow got out of the cage.  The mother was going crazy and Bill rounded up the baby turkey and got it back into the cage.  The mother came over towards Bill and said something to him.  Unfortunately, I couldn't translate but I think she said "thank you."
Here's another wood carving from Turkeyville
This carved wooden turkey greeted us every time we visited the fudge/popcorn/ice cream section so we saw a lot of this one.
Here's also the flea market that was held on Labor Day Weekend.

Turtle Safely.......

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