Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Covered a lot of ground

Columbus, New Mexico
Pancho Villa State Park
Site #32

I've had a few phone calls wondering if we're doing OK.  We're fine.  The last time I blogged they were expecting some terrible wind, rain, and hail.  While we were in Dallas, the storms came during the night.  Luckily there was no hail.  By the time we got up in the morning, we both had had enough of Dallas.  

We seriously, thought about heading to Livingston for an offer that was hard to turn down, but we were headed west.

When we left Dallas, we found out that I 30 was closed due to an accident, so we detoured around it.  Traffic was normal for Dallas, but not what I would call normal.  

I thought we'd stop in Abilene, but we were into an audio book and it wasn't over until we reached Sweetwater.  Two RV parks that we saw, had sites too short for us.  The third one was a poor excuse for a RV park.  I dropped a check in the door slot and we tried to find a semi level site.  They were all so short, we hung over on both ends.  Did I mention how much I love the level ups?  There was no where to park the truck nearby.  

The following day I drove and that was the day the head winds were so bad.  You could just watch the gas gauge go down.  We do love having the security of the auxiliary fuel tank.  Finally decided to call it a day and pulled into Van Horn.  Stayed at a different RV park this time--the Desert Willow.  Price was right, $13.50 a night for 50 amp full hook ups, cable and wifi.  

The following morning, we got an early start (for us) and pulled into Dreamcatchers in Deming by noon.  Bill went to town where there was a stripped pole and a no appointment needed barber shop.  He came back looking much better.  

It has been busy days driving, stopping and getting up the next day and doing it all over again.  Not our typical type of RVing.  We've been over the same roads quite a few times, and there just isn't much to see or do.  So while we don't like driving every day, the alternative to staying in an area, we don't feel comfortable in wasn't a better option.

Today we traveled 31 miles to Columbus, New Mexico.  The Escapees Chapter 21 rally is being held in the Pancho Villa State Park.  $14 per night for water and electric and a nice large sites.  

Registration started at 1 pm and I believe I heard that 11 rigs were registered.  
Here's our rally hosts who have never attended a rally before but stepped up to the plate when the original host had medical issues.  

The weather is perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy happy hour.
Roland and Suzanne were presented with bibs as this is their first rally here.  We met them while we were at Dreamcatcher.  
Betty and Don were happy.  They went to Mexico today and got their teeth cleaned, new glasses and a good lunch.  

Bruce might have a story to tell.  
Do you think?  Can you see the dents in the canoe from this picture?

One thing for sure, there is never a speck of dust on Bruce's fiver.  

We'll be visiting the Pink Store for dinner later this week.  I wonder if they will serve turkey? 

Turtle Safe........

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