Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not a typical tourist of Branson

Branson, Missouri
Branson Stagecoach Campground
Pull Thru # 46

Bill and I really enjoy the same things and that's what adds to our enjoyment of traveling.  Neither one of us, likes tourist trap places.  While we had a great time at the Mid Atlantic Montana Rally in Seversville, TN it wouldn't have been a place we wouldn't have  picked.  All these kind of places have the same restaurants, water parks, ziplines, wax museums, miniature golf, Titanic displays and traffic.  

Branson is no different.  We drove the bumper to bumper traffic down the streets of Branson.  Bill kept saying, "tell me when you want to stop".  I didn't see anything I wanted to stop at or do.  We'll try again tomorrow.

We finally ended up on US 65 and since it was another gorgeous day, I suggested we go see Wilson Creek Battlefield.  

Wilson Creek was a significant battle, but not one of the best battlefields we've seen.  It is isn't about size because we loved visiting the small Raisin River Battlefield in Monroe, Michigan.  We toured Chickamuga and Chattanooga Military Park this summer and are still talking about how much we enjoyed it.  

The visitor center had a 30 minute video that explained the battle and importance of the outcome.  We did learn that the Union General, Nathaniel Lyon, was the first General killed in the war.  

Thank goodness there was a docent at the Ray House the only original house on the battlefield.  The park ranger did an excellent job of telling the story.  The house was used as a hospital.  It took six days to bury all the bodies.  
General Lyon's body was placed on this original bed.
This would have been the children's room.
The cellar is where they hid out during the battle.

This house, which was used also as a post office, fronts the Wire Road.  The road was named that because the telegraph ran along the road.  Not what you'd expect, they didn't have telegraph poles.  They ran the wire strung along the side of the road using a tree, through the bushes, or along the road whatever was available.

We found many people enjoying the sunshine and perfect weather by bicycling or jogging the circular 4.9 mile battlefield road.  We even saw a few riding horseback, but not very many people were reading the signage or stopping at the overlooks.  

I neglected to mention, that Doug and Sheila Sage were in Branson at a different park last night.  They told us on facebook and pulled out this morning.  It really is a small world.  

Another good example of why I love to see who is in the area.  If you haven't signed up for the free program, you're missing a lot. I use it to plan a route and find a RV park.  I'm listed as WV2AZ.   

We decided to stop for dinner, and I saw a Steak N Shake and wanted to stop.  Bill says, "I'm a cheap date."  I've been seeing Steak N Shakes all summer, but it's never when it's time to eat.  I was afraid I might not see anymore before we get close to Arizona.  Bill wasn't disappointed because he said he was craving one of their milk shakes.    

One more stop to pick up some groceries and we were headed back to the RV park.  

I'm sorry I didn't have the camera available, but as you cross over the Table Rock dam, there is a flashing sign that reads "Use Life Savers".  I was hoping we wouldn't regret going over the dam road without one.  I was glad I wasn't driving over that narrow road.  The water was close on one side and the other side was a l-o-n-g way down.   Maybe it should have included a warning to wear a parachute also. 

Turtle Safely.........

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