Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oops, been there, done that....

North Little Rock, Arkansas
Downtown Riverside RV Park've
Pull thru #28

We've seen so many things, sometimes they just become a blur.  Today might explain that.  

We knew the weather forecast was for rain today so we cancelled our idea of the Big Dam and decided to tour the capitol.  In Arizona, the last thing you think about is planning around the weather.  

It was cloudy but dry when we left to tour the capitol.  I was commenting to Bill about what a nice brochure they had on it.  As we approached the capitol, Bill looked at me and I looked at him.  We both remembered at the same time, that we toured it last year.  We did remember touring the Old State House and the Governor's Mansion last year, but we both forgot about touring the capitol.  I even commented to him, that usually we are touring a capitol with our rain jackets.   I remember heavy rains last year.  

It turned out alright.  I suggested we go to the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History.  It was nearby and when we pulled up the showers hadn't started yet.  

We hurried over to the Memorial hoping we could avoid the rains and predicted hail.  
It covered all the wars that the Arkansas veterans were in.

The Arsenal Building was built in 1840 as a frontier military post and is the only surviving building.  

As we entered the building the receptionist was very helpful in explaining where everything was, including the restrooms.  Did I mention, there was no charge, not even a donation?

The museum had 16 different exhibits and we were told to take as many photos as we wanted.

The only thing awkward about the museum was the order in which the exhibits were displayed.  I think it might have something to do with the size of the rooms.  

The first exhibit was about WW II.  I learned that the average life of a jeep in combat was 90 days.  

Of course, Bill can always find something to interest him.  
Maybe some of you don't know it, but Bill did spend some time as a high school history teacher.  The Civil War was well represented. 

One interesting thing I found out was that Little Rock was chosen as the site for the Confederate Reunion in 1911.  A total of 1,500 made reservations.  As it turned out 12,000 veterans showed up.  They were really scrambling to find food and beds for that many.  Can you imagine trying to accommodate that many people without advance notice?
 There was a special exhibit of the First Call--American Posters of World War I.

The Arsenal Building was converted into housing for the officer's families.  Captain Arthur MacArthur was housed here in 1879. A year later  Douglas MacArthur was born on January 26, 1880 in this Arsenal Building.  

    I found the MacArthur exhibit to be the best in the building.  
MacArthur's hat.
One look at these, and you'd know who they belonged to.
This silver tea service was donated to the MacArthurs.
I must say, the controversy between MacArthur and Truman was presented in an unbiased, well maybe just a little biased since MacArthur was born in Little Rock. 

The tower room was converted into a theater and we watched a video of MacArthur.  

This flag is a 42 star flag.  Very rare indeed!

Seventeen year old, David Dodd, was hung as a traitor during the civil war.
All in all, we both enjoyed touring the Arsenal.

I suggested we visit the Old Mill where Gone With the Wind was produced, but the clouds were gathering again, so we fueled up and returned to the RV park.  Of course, the sun came back out when we arrived home.

I suggested we drive to Dallas and visit the Bush Presidential Library and Museum tomorrow.  It seemed like a good idea, until I tried to make a reservation at a RV park.  They were all booked and I couldn't find any with a vacancy.  

We aren't sure where we are going when we leave here tomorrow.  John and Karen Knoll, are ahead of us by a few days and logistics just don't work for meeting up with them.  
Back to the drawing board, we'll probably decide which way we are headed when we leave tomorrow.  We'd like to be able to attend the Chapter 21 rally in Columbus, but not sure we'll be there in time.

Turtle Safely......

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