Friday, October 10, 2014

Oval to Oval

Wylie, Texas
East Fork Park
Back In #10

Today we visited the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.  After visiting the Clinton Presidential Center a few days ago and this one, there is no comparison.  I would compare this one with the Lincoln Presidential Museum.  

We were extremely lucky to find parking directly across the street.  Originally, we were going to take the DART into town, but at the last minute decided to drive the truck.  There were even spaces large enough for the truck.  

Why is it, whenever we go through metal detectors, they always ask me if I have any weapons?  Bill never gets asked that question.
I'm not sure what you call this first exhibit.  I think it is a 360 degree hologram.  Very impressive.  It was played in the Freedom Hall before you entered the exhibit.

There were many videos and we started with a 9 minute introduction.  The main gallery is 14,000 square feet and focuses on President and Mrs. Bush four principles--Freedom, Responsibility, Opportunity and Compassion.  

I don't want to give to much detail for those that haven't seen it and spoil your visit.
President Bush loves baseball and was instrumental in bringing T-Ball to the White House lawn.  This bat was signed by 42 members of the baseball hall of fame.  

It was very quiet and respectful in the 9-11 exhibit.  It was interesting to know what things were going on behind the scenes.  
I'm sure no one can forget the pride for our President when against everyone's wishes, he attended the World's Series, which was held in New York right after 9-11.  One of the players told him before he threw the opening pitch. He was told,"don't bounce it, they'll boo you."  He threw a perfect strike. 

He really believed in Freedom and there were many exhibits that showed how strongly he felt.
I thought it was appropriate that it was Friday, and Bill and I were wearing our red which stands for remember everyone deployed.

It was very crowded but flowed nicely from exhibit to exhibit.  

There was a replica of the Oval Office as there was in the Clinton Museum.  This one however, was very welcoming.  There were no roped off sections.  You could sit on the furniture.

It was tastefully done, reflecting respect of the office and what the presidency means to the country and its people.  

What do you think?  Would you vote for this man of integrity, bravery and fidelity?

We were so engrossed with all the exhibits, I didn't think to get more photos of some of his important work like, senior services, education and AIDS.  

As a commander and chief he earned the respect of the military. In turn, he respected and honored the men and women of the armed forces.  

The most important influences in his life are, his belief in God and his wife and family.  His values, the respect for individuals, education (the first President with a MBA) and his family upbringing were mentioned repeatedly throughout the museum.  

Mrs. Bush was also mentioned.  She was instrumental in having the Lincoln bedroom remodeled to represent what it would have reflected during the day of Lincoln. 

The entire family was represented.  There was a video of the daughter's impression of life in the White House.  This was very entertaining.  They said their father was doing the "Chainsaw Massacre" when he used a chainsaw to clear the land on their ranch.  

I never realised how much of a jokester President Bush was. It just goes to show how down to earth and wholesome he is.  

There were a lot of interactive exhibits.  One of them really gave you a feel for how quickly a President must make a decision and how important it is to have the right people in the right positions advising him.  

I enjoyed the Life in the White House exhibit because these were things that never were reported from the media.  

If you are ever in Dallas, make sure to visit this museum.  It's worth returning to again and again.  Like all good museums, you get on overload and can't absorb anymore.

Since we were going right by the Flying Fish on the way home, those fish flew out and dragged us into the restaurant.  Bill being conventional, ordered the same--catfish dinner, as he did in Little Rock.  I decided to give the jambalaya a try.  We were going to share, but I must say, Bill didn't get much jambalaya.  

This restaurant was fairly new compared to the one in Little Rock.  It still has the "Liars Wall" and Billy Bass.  If you want your Bill Bass adopted, you get free catfish.  
When we returned we took a walk.  The beach looked closed.  I was surprised to see more rigs here even though it's Friday.  The weather forecast for tonight is 100% chance of rain and possible hail.  It was 90 degrees today and expected to drop by 20 degrees tomorrow.  

Remember me saying I thought this was the reason there were so many vacancies.
The angle of this shot, doesn't really show how low the water is.  This is the courtesy dock.  

We'll see what the weather brings tonight and tomorrow before we decide if we're headed down the road. 

Turtle Safely...... 

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