Wednesday, October 1, 2014

See 'Ya's

Oaktown, Indiana
New Vision RV Park
Pull Thru #32

Once again we were so busy I am behind on my blogging.  

Monday night we rode with Bud and Susie to Tiara's RV for a free dinner for all the MOC (Montana Owners Club) members.  Tiara had all their RV's open for us to walk through.  Needless to say, we all felt you got more bang for your buck with a Montana.  One of our members bought a new one and we all checked it out.  

There was once again prize drawings and they had some lovely prizes.  The grand prize was a new Denver Mattress.
I don't think the two guys on the mattress were included in the prize drawing.  
The dinner was once again very nice.  I noticed some people went back for seconds.  
Once again I think we were the last ones to leave.  The sun was setting, and we were glad that Bud was the one to negotiate all the detours back to the fairgrounds.  

Bill started feeling under the weather and by the following morning had a fever.  I had to run down to the store and buy a thermometer.  I thought we were covered with everything we'd need, but I guess I missed that one.  

Keystone--Montana had a luncheon for the MOC members.  It came from an Italian restaurant and had a large selection and wonderful food.  I took a plate back to Bill, but he just couldn't eat anything.  

After the luncheon, the Keystone employees gave a short presentation on the direction of Montana and what new changes they are planning.  Then, the part I liked best, they listened to our ideas on how they could improve things.  They were writing down everything the members said.  They explained why they did things a certain way.  Once again, everyone asked for lighter shades of woods.  

After the presentation by Keystone, everyone ran back to their coaches for their white elephant gift exchange.  Bill and I were coordinators but I handled it without him since he was sick.  I must say, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but somehow it worked out fine.  It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of laughter.  

Following the white elephant gift exchange was the ice cream social.  I wish I had photos, but I had forgotten the camera.  I have no ideas how many flavors they had to choose from, but there were a lot.  It was hard enough choosing the flavors of ice cream, but there were as many toppings.  

The prize drawing followed the social.  Larry Sessoms was in charge of it.  I was a volunteer who sold tickets, so I also passed out the prizes.  Believe me, there were a lot to pass out. 

LC Boyer won the 50/50 drawing and he donated $100 back to the MOC.  Jim won the 51 inch TV.  Bill and I won some small items and a gift card for Walmart.  

Once again, I skipped the campfire.  We never attended it the entire week because with so many activities we were exhausted.   

I went back and checked on Bill, and he was just going to bed.  

This morning we woke to another beautiful day.  Bill said he felt well enough, to ride in the truck.  I hitched us up and we said our see 'ya's to everyone.  This is another prime example that everyone needs to be able to do all the hitching and driving.  

My plan was to drive to Oaktown, to an Escapees/Passport America park.  It was more than our usual under 200 miles, but I had a bad case of "hitch itch" and needed to get the wheels rolling.  Bill started feeling better the further we went.  I was hoping he'd sleep a little, but as it turned out, I was glad he didn't.  

We had the GPS programmed for the RV park.  For some reason, it directed us to some cornfield roads, that had no line down the middle, because it wasn't wide enough for two vehicles.  I met one car coming the other way, and he saw me coming and pulled off the road to let me by.  Our GPS did warn us about low ground clearance for a train track that made a sharp turn and had a huge uphill grade.  After going around in circles for awhile, we discovered the problem with the GPS.  Bill read the atlas and directed me to take IN 25.  As it turned out, the road was new and four lanes.  The GPS kept thinking we were in the middle of a cornfield and never recognized the road.  

As we were going through Terre Haute we saw this sign advertising fried bologna sandwiches with Velvetta cheese.  Needless to say, I didn't stop.

Bill took this photo, but we weren't sure what it was.  

We arrived at New Vision RV Park around 3 pm.  It was a long drive since we were on the back roads, but very pretty scenery.  We signed up for two days and it was $29.14.  We have a nice pull thru looking out at the the private lake.  I did hear a train a little while ago, but no problem as we've heard those for the last two weeks, and I think total quiet would be hard to get used to.  

Turtle Safely..... 

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