Friday, October 3, 2014

Whoa, where did the road go?

Sikeston, Missouri
Hinton RV Park
Pull thru #40

Last night we had a bad storm but the rain stopped this morning so we decided to go down the road.  We really didn't have a destination other than to cross the Mississippi somewhere.  

We headed down US 41 and crossed into Illinois at Mt. Carmel.  Lucky for me, Bill was driving.  The rain started to come down and we were following highway 1.  I don't know if you can read the sign from this photo, but it says "road closed 500 feet."  There was no warnings before this.  Bill had to back up, of course, with cars behind us.  Two cars came out this narrow road and said we couldn't get through because we were too big to make a turn.  There wasn't much choice other than to back up about a mile.  The left side doesn't show an embankment in the photo.  Oh well, stuck here or around the corner.  Bill backed up to be able to take the narrow road on the right.  One good Samaritan said to follow him.  They weren't kidding about tight turns, but Bill negotiated them just fine.   I have no idea how many turns we made but after about 5 miles we were back on highway 1.  We thanked the fellow, and he said he does it all the time, because it isn't marked.  

The sun came out but the winds didn't stop, but it was still a nice drive.  Bill got real excited when he saw this.
This is the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River.  
Yep, the dividing line in Bill's head for the East and the West.

And, yes that's a great big smile on his face!

We decided to stop in Sikeston for the night and of course for dinner.

So where are we?

They've been around since 1942.
Even though the parking lot was packed, we were seated quickly.

The Lambert's Cafe--The only home of throwed rolls brochure said:

     "People have asked many times--'How did you start              throwing rolls?'  Well, to make a long story short--                necessity.  In 1976, while still in our old building, I              would try to pass out our hot rolls in the traditional              manner.  You know, real nice like, by saying, 'Would you      care for a hot roll?'  This was really awkward and                  uncomfortable to me, so, on an extremely busy day,            when getting through the lunch hour crowd was                    impossible, a customer said, 'Just throw the * * * * thing!'      I did, and everybody else joined in.  We started throwing      rolls May 26, 1976, and have continued ever since."

I'm sure if you haven't eaten there, you've seen it featured on national TV.
I caught my own roll and Bill caught his.  I'm not a bread lover, but those are the best rolls ever.
Guess what Bill ordered--country fried steak?
I ordered fried chicken.  It was just as good as the Mount Airy chicken.  
Bill had the fried okra pass arounds.  I passed up the black eyed peas, sorghum and apple butter.  Bill wasn't surprised that I had the mac and tomatoes but he was shocked when I also tried the fried potatoes and onions.  All of that in addition to a baked potato, cucumbers and onions and four pieces of chicken.  We've got enough food left for tomorrow night.  

The wind is still blowing and the temps are dropping.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  Maybe we'll go or maybe we'll stay.  

Ah, yes. we've gained an hour today.  How should I use it?  

Turtle Safely..........

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