Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Moving Day

Casa Grande, AZ

Where did all this junk come from?  Bill and I started emptying the china cabinet and the liquor cabinet before Thanksgiving, thinking it wouldn't take long to get ready to move the furniture from one area to another.  WRONG!  

I jokingly said at the end of the Thanksgiving meal that everyone had to move their chairs to the garage.  I shouldn't have joked and taken up their offers to do it.  

Three rooms had to have the closets emptied out.  Where did Bill get all those pairs of cowboy boots?  

I painted the inside of the closets once they were empty because I don't plan to do this again in my lifetime.  

The movers came yesterday to move the awkward (heavy) items.  I thought it wouldn't take more than an hour and responded to a request on RVillage to attend a gathering for lunch.  I thought for sure, we'd have plenty of time.  WRONG, again!  

I have this beautiful computer desk that is very large.  So large in fact that it wouldn't fit through the door.  No problem, the movers took the window out only to find out it wouldn't fit that way either.  In the end, they took it apart to get it out the door.  This took so long to do that we missed the luncheon.  

The movers were nice enough to leave our bed, loveseat and TV yesterday and dropped by this morning at 6:30 am to finish moving them so we'd have somewhere to sit and sleep last night.  This allowed us to have access to the toilet yesterday.  

I can't begin to tell you how long it took us to reach a spare roll of toilet paper.  In hindsight, I should have gone to the grocery store as it would have been easier.  
There is a toilet behind that dresser, I think.
This is the other bathroom.  The bedding is in the tub.
This is the dinette and the telephone is behind the china cabinet.
Thank goodness I had some underwear in the laundry, or I wouldn't have had any for today.
This is where I'll be all day, as there isn't room to move but lucky for me the computer is on the counter.
This is what the garage looks like.  In the center is the computer desk.  Hope it goes back together OK.
It sure is a lot of stuff.  If you don't hear from me for a while send a search party to find out where I am.  

Turtle Safely.......

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