Friday, September 18, 2015

Catching Up

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Goshen, Indiana

We needed a day of doing nothing and staying home.  Hopefully we've accomplished the things we wanted to get done.

Our first project was to hang the picture we bought at Shipshewana Flea Market.  The picture was framed with glass and we didn't want that hanging over the head of our bed.  I could think of problems if the glass ever broke and we all know that not all roads are smooth. 

We did go to Meijer's grocery store to pick up some fiddles.  I saw that picture at almost double what I paid.  

The other project was that I decided to remove our plexi-glass in our screen door.  Somehow I cracked it, so it needed replaced.  Thank goodness, Menard's isn't far away and since we don't have them in Arizona we always enjoy walking through them.

The salesperson said you could just cut it with a utility knife.  No problem, we bought the recommended utility knife the salesperson said was for the plexi glass.  Once back at the fairgrounds, Bill was ready to cut it.  It didn't do much more than scratch the line he wanted to cut.  

Bill's been wanting a new Dremel to use for his wood carving.  This seemed like the time to purchase one and he could cut the plexi glass with it, so back to Menard's to get one.  

Of course, the model he picked out had lots of pieces.  He opened it up and I "helped" him with all the pieces.  I put one piece on and realized I should have read the directions as the bit needed to go in first.  No problem, I'll just remove the other piece I put on.  The only problem was that I couldn't remove that piece.  I tried everything to get it off.  Finally I walked next door where three men, Steve, Royce and Rick were sitting outside.  I asked if they could get that piece off.  They played with it for quite awhile and then started taking the Dremel apart.  When all the pieces were apart, they realized the part I added was screwed on.  After much laughter, it was determined I needed more practice screwing.  

Once that was done, Bill had the piece cut perfectly and installed.  

Since we were on a roll, we decided it was time to recharge the water softener.  The instructions said if you were in a high iron area to add Iron Out.  Now if anyone has stayed in this area before, you know it doesn't take long for your sinks and toilets to look orange.  Not wanting to go back to Menards, we went to Walmart which is across the street.  They were out of it, so across the street back to Menards. Do you think they thought we were casing the store?

After that was all accomplished we decided to go for a walk.  Joe Huber was outside and we hadn't talked with him since they pulled in.  We started talking and he told us about getting extremely ill in Big Bend.  Janet had to hitch up and drive him to a hospital.  Those of you that have been to Big Bend, Texas know that there is nothing close by.  I think Janet said she had to drive all the way to Alpine. 

I've always preached to other women that they need to know how to hitch up and drive the RV.  There have been times that I've had to do this.  It also works both ways, so if women only get the inside ready for the road, men need to know how to do this.  Last year when I wasn't able to put any weight on my right foot, Bill was able to get the fifth wheel loaded and ready for Quartzite.  You just never know when you'll have to drive.  It's much nicer if you've done some driving, so it doesn't add to an already tense situation.  It can happen to you!  Ladies, if you don't feel comfortable with your hubby teaching you there are driving schools.  RV Driving School even has women instructors if that would make you more comfortable  

By the time we finished talking with Joe and Janet, it was getting dark, so decided to forget our walk.  

Did I show you the LED solar light Bill added to the flagpole?

The weather forecast is for a cold front to come through today and tomorrow.  I've only been able to wear adjustable sandals on my foot since the accident.  I had a pair of sneakers with us, but I can't get the right foot in them.  I was hoping by now, the swelling would have gone down and I could wear them.  

We took a ride up to the mall, and I found a pair of sneakers in a wide size that I could get on.  My doctor had told me, that I might have to wear two different size shoes. I was glad the wide size worked and I just lace up the left foot tighter.  After I paid for the shoes, I couldn't find Bill. He's always looking in the jewelry department.  

On a good note, I like to make sure I mention when a company treats you right.  I e-mailed Stromberg Carlson about a problem I had with their portable step.  They e-mailed me today and wanted to know where to send the part.  

I had a frozen peanut butter pie (thanks to Sharon Hime for sharing her great recipe) in the freezer and needed the room for my margarita bucket.  We've been working hard at finishing the pie.  I also cooked a huge roast so we've had leftovers.  Leftovers again tonight, and I think we'll be finished with them.   I can't believe we haven't been to the Lux Cafe this year but I'm sure it won't be long once all the leftovers are gone.  

Tomorrow Middlebury is having their festival, Fort Wayne has the Apple Festival and Nappanee also has theirs.  Now we have to choose which direction to go.

Turtle Safely.......  


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