Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 6--Montana Owners Club Fall Rally

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

Last night was the blood moon and one of the MOC members, Dave Burtrum set up his telescope.  Unfortunately, we came in for a little while and forgot about walking over to see it.  

This morning we were up early as our customer service tour was scheduled for 9 am.  It could have been worst, some people had to be there by 8 am.  Keystone added this tour for those that wanted it.  

There were so many facts and figures I must say they all are jumbled in my head right now.  I wish I could remember exactly because I was so impressed with how much bigger they are.  I do remember them saying they opened their 38th plant recently.  

Customer Service Tour to me, meant we'd see where they answered the phones when customers needed something.  Boy was I wrong!  

They keep all kinds of records on how quickly a phone call is answered and their goal is to get the calls answered in 20 seconds without the usual push one etc. that most companies use.    

We were told they didn't want photos taken in the customer service plant I believe because the Amish workers do not like photos taken of them.  Once we walked through the area where they took the calls we walked into a huge part of the plant.  We were shown where all the parts are stored and how they shipped the parts.  It was amazing how Keystone packaged them.  There was a packing material that heated up and conformed to the contours of the part.  They have 18 wheeler trailers that are backed up to the doors which are loaded with parts and then taken to UPS.

I received a call from Carmen before we left for the tour this morning saying who would be calling me regarding my few items that we gave the service adviser.  Most of these items are not defects from Montana but just our lack of routine maintenance.  When I was having to use the scooter and walker I damaged the rubber on the assist handle.  I also said my flame doesn't flicker on the fireplace all the time.  I didn't realize you need to clean the backside of the fireplace.  Our exhaust fan did quit.  I caught the gasket on the shower door.  One window is difficult to open.  

When you hear some of the horror stories of some brands, I'm glad we own a Montana.  I've heard of people who have had their coaches in the shop for a month or two.  

I was so happy that Keystone added this tour of their factory.  I really was impressed with the way they take care of the customer.

Our factory tour was scheduled for 11:30.  We arrived a little early but I'm glad we did.  Last year they served doughnuts but this year they supplied lunch for everyone.  Bill and I have been to three MOC Fall Rally's but I must say Keystone keeps adding more and more for MOC owners.

 We were told that Lippert makes the frames and they supply so many frames that they built their plant nearby to accommodate Montana.  5,000 units in a year are a lot.

Chase, our tour guide, showed us how Montana puts all the water lines down the center of the coach.  Other manufacturers run them along the frame, where they can freeze.  

We were also shown how the black and gray tanks are turned so that when you empty them, if you raise the coach a little, every last drop should run out.  

Everyone was told how Keystone equips the coach with the MORyde hitch which is more expensive, rather than another brand.  
After we were finished with the tour we were asked to view the new models.  Can you imagine they asked for our opinions of things we like and or disliked?  They listened.  Let me say that again, they listened.  

I wasn't surprised when they said they couldn't make the rear den model fast enough.  This floor plan has the normal large basement area, but also additional basements under the den.  They had a model with a rear living room, kitchen dining, and then a separate room with a couch, TV and big work area.  Over this room, they had a bunkhouse room.  One new feature they have is a pivoting bathroom door for those bathrooms that have a big tub/shower area but not a lot of room near the stool or sink for the door to swing in.  While all the new models were very nice, Bill and I both agree, we like our floor plan better.  Bill would have trouble with some of those closed in bathrooms.  We still have more counter space than most of the new models.

While we didn't take many pictures, we really enjoyed the plant tour.  This is our third and we still enjoy it.  

Montana is a very big supporter of the Montana Owners Club.  Owners now receive a flyer about joining the free club when they purchase a Montana.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea of how happy we are to own our Montana.  

We hurried back to the fairgrounds because the techs wanted to take some measurements and make sure they have all the parts to do our repairs tomorrow. 

We missed the seminar on the new command system that Montana is using.  It will bluetooth your cell phone and you can put your awning in or out from your phone.    They were trying to explain it to us when we were touring the new models but I must say it was over my head.  They basically have an entirely different way of wiring the coach which is more like a car.  

Tonight was the Amish dinner in Shipshewana.  Miller's Country Kitchen had a wonderful meal.  I have no idea how many different kinds of pie they had.  When we returned, we just went inside and unzipped our pants.  

Tomorrow is the last day of the rally.  This week has flown by.  
I can't believe how the leaves on the trees here at the fairground have changed in a week.  

Turtle Safely.........

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