Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day Two--MOC Rally

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Goshen, IN

We were up early as the first thing  on today's rally schedule was a tour of the Middlebury Hardwoods factory.  They make the wooden cabinet doors of the Montana's and  some other brands (SOB's).  
We rode over with Dennis and Linda Ward and Jan Kelpe.  It was another gorgeous day.  
I was amazed once we walked into the offices how much larger the building was.
What better way to start a tour than with fresh donuts?  I didn't ask where they purchased them, but this plant is in Middlebury.  That's a hint for those of you familiar with the area.  

This is what we saw when we left the conference room.  There are actually two buildings this size.

It was noisy and difficult to hear but it was awesome to see the craftsmanship that goes into making the cabinet doors.
I believe they said they had a little over 200 employees.  

I was surprised that there wasn't very much sawdust anywhere.
Other than the factory noise, the factory was very comfortable and clean.
The cabinet doors are made a special way to reduce any vibrations from the road.
I forgot all the different kinds of wood they use, but some were walnut, cherry, oak, and ash.  We were told some cabinet door makers use the same wood and just use different colors of stains.  

Computers really make the job more efficient.
Machinery keeps the time and cost shorter.  This was a machine that sanded the doors.
I noticed the detail work was mostly done by women.
Here they are applying a darker stain to bring out the details of the cutting.
The stain area seem to require more workers.
This machine stained both sides of the doors and dried them in the process.
I saw this sign a couple of times.  I think Bill's ears perked up when he saw this.  Do you think they have any Mafia family members here?
I was surprised that they dried the doors at about 100 degrees.
They average 55,000 doors a week.  What a demand they have.  
Everyone in our group really enjoyed the tour.
Any questions we asked were all answered.  

When we returned I didn't see any ladies out and about and then I remembered they had a ladies driving school sponsored by Keystone.  When I took the class they brought over some brand new models and taught the ladies how to hitch, back, drive, and one other thing I can't remember.  They also did class room lessons before starting . 

Alpha Systems gave a lecture on their products.  I didn't get to hear the entire class but when I found out they did the roof, I ran down to talk with them.  Marckus came down to our site to look at my roof problem.  This all happened from the RV park (see blog about an inch to spare).  

Our service adviser appointment was for 2:15 and Matt arrived right on time.  He said they'd call later to discuss when we would get in for service.  

Dexter Axle had a seminar that Bill attended and enjoyed.  

Dometic had one following the axle seminar but I went to a class that Carol gave titled "Navigating the forum on your electronic device."  Any of you MOC members who aren't computer geeks, will agree, it's intimating when you first look at the forum.  She had a packed class but I managed to find an empty chair.  
I did manage to get Al with Carol together for a picture.  They are long time MOC members so everyone wants their attention.  

By the time I left, there wasn't much time to catch your breath before it was time to go to Tiara RV.  We rode with Vicki and Mark Allen.  I'm sorry I didn't remember to take the camera. 

Tiara sponsored a nice dinner for all who attended.  They really had some great prizes they gave away.  Bill won a nice chair with an attached table.  

Tiara had some great RV furniture.  They had the couches that would fit in the slides at very reasonable prices.  

It was another wonderful, fun packed day.  I haven't figured out how some of our wagon masters had time to relax, but I guess it shows how well they planned the event.  
Gary Wheeler stopped by and I'm sure they have a great tour planned for tomorrow.  Gary reminded me Moryde was supplying lunch tomorrow.  I told Gary I liked my steaks rare and he didn't even need to write my order down.  We'll see tomorrow.

Turtle Safely......

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