Monday, September 7, 2015

I've Turned into an Old Fogy

Milan Travel Park
Milan, Ohio
Site #71

Yep, I have to admit it.  I've turned into an old fogy.  I'm so glad to be away from all the families and kids having their last fling for the summer.  

I'm sure the ordeal of getting into that park had some influence of how I felt there.  They did have a policy of no refund and a minimum of three days.  

We did walk back over to the near disaster sight.  (Read the previous blog.)  
This was the end where I was finally out of danger.  When we walked over to the deeper woods, the camera battery died.  I decided I didn't need any photos of that.  

Saturday we decided to visit Cuyahoga Falls National Park since it was nearby.  That turned out to be a laugh too.  When we arrived we kept circling and circling trying to find a parking place.  I finally told Bill to forget it and we just drove back to Ravenna.  
We did stop at a little craft/antique festival.  When we went into the indoor section, the noise was so bad and way too many people to enjoy it, so we left.  Was I having a bad day?

Sunday I didn't even leave the coach.  I just vegged out on the couch and watched TV.  We never had time to watch TV the whole time we were in West Virginia.  Bill enjoyed the great weather outside watching the woodpeckers and catching up on his reading.

The progressive monitor system kept shutting the electric off when the voltage dropped.  I had to take a giant step to get into the coach as it was so unlevel the wheels were off the ground and we had the portable step as high as it would go.  There were cars driving on the road right outside our bedroom window.  That side of the coach was so low, I felt I could touch the cars.  Around 7 pm we heard this loud pounding noise.  The campground must have had a band at the permanent section across the lake.  It went on until midnight.  Do you think I was glad to be out of that place?

Getting out of that park wasn't as bad as getting in, but it still wasn't easy.  Kids were everywhere with no parents in sight.  We had to make a left turn as soon as we drove out of our site and all the tents were in the way.  A little further down people had their cars parked on the one lane road while they were visiting people sitting on their patios.

I really gave a big sigh of relief when we finally drove out the gate of that place.   Bill drove today and we had a beautiful drive on US 18.  There was no traffic and the road was in good condition.  

After we unhitched, we drove up to Sam's Club for fuel as it was $2.22 a gallon for diesel.  We did pick up a case of Yuengling Beer to take back to Arizona.  

Not sure if we'll pull out tomorrow or not.  Edison's home is in this town, but they aren't open until 1 pm tomorrow.  We'll wait and see what tomorrow brings.  

The weather forecast is for rain on Wednesday and temps under 70 degrees.  Maybe we'll go take advantage of the swimming pool since this Labor Day has set record high temps.   

Did I mention how happy I am to be out of that place?

Turtle Safely.........

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