Saturday, September 26, 2015

MOC Rally--Day 4

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Goshen, IN

Last night we couldn't make up our minds whether to do the potluck breakfast or the haystack breakfast.  By the time we got up and about, it was too late for either.  No problem, all we've done is eat and socialize.  

This morning Bill noticed that we had a very small leak in the water heater.  It was an added part that let you turn some thingamajig to drain your water tank.  Bill had purchased a new anode while we were in White Pigeon, so decided to change it while he removed the other part.  

Everything went perfectly except the new anode leaked a tiny bit.  Bill decided to take it out and put more white tape on it.  I was standing there talking with him.  He put a wrench on the anode and next thing we knew water exploded out and drenched both of us.  We were laughing so hard.  Bill was wet all the way to his underwear.  Thank goodness it wasn't hot water yet.  

Marc Allen said we shouldn't use the bargain white tape.  Lesson learned.

We walked over to the Mennonite garage sale, but nearly everything was gone.  It's amazing how many people attend and 24 hours later, there isn't much left.  

One of the seminar's today was on solar energy systems.  It was interesting, but based on our style, it didn't make sense to pay $1000 for a system.

Every year the group photo is taken in front of the old barn.  The weather was perfect again and it didn't take long for Vicki to get the perfect shot.

Jim Fischer was the moderator for the "tips 'n tricks".  I noticed a lot of women were in attendance.  This is one of my favorite seminars.  Jim did a great job keeping everyone in the 5 allotted minutes per subject.

I realized I had signed up for the pumpkin craft.  We all know crafts isn't something I'm good at.  I paid my $3.00 and picked up my supplies and hopefully, I'll finish it before the season is over.  I realized I needed some time to get my dish ready for the wine and cheese night.  I told Susie I would help since she was unable to come.  

I went up to the big tent at 4 to help set up the serving tables.  
I bought this shirt at the Rogers, OH flea market.  I thought the saying was great--wine and friends, the older the better.  Perfect for a wine and cheese party.

Do you think we had enough bottles?  This is besides what people had on their tables.  I took a bucket of margarita's for something different.

Keystone hired a band to perform for our wine and cheese function.  The music provided by Mr. Z was perfect.  People were dancing at both ends of the tent.  The MOC members were singing along.    

Bill and I presented Vicki with a token of appreciation for taking all of the rally photos.
Vicki and Mark's Montana is done in everything cowboy.   Well almost everything, because she didn't have one of these.  We also wanted her to be "safe" as she travels the highways.  In case you can't read it, it is a cowboy condom.  

Ron was wearing his testicle festival shirt from earlier this summer in Nebraska.  
Door prizes were awarded again tonight.

No one left early and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Miss Vicki is showing us how to pole dance. 

I was afraid to dance the way my foot has been acting lately.  I told Bill to go dance with Pat and Vicki. 

Dennis and Linda Ward are enjoying their first margarita.  

Another busy, fun filled day. 

Turtle Safely........

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