Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moved West One State

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Goshen, Indiana
Site #200

Yesterday, Bill climbed the ladder and took the satellite down and apart.  Gave it a little hit with his hand and the dent popped out.  

Now the bad news is we can hear it searching for a satellite, but it didn't find anything.  We were under a lot of trees, so that could be the problem.  It drizzled a little so just decided to put it away and play with it again while we're in Goshen.  Maybe it's time for a new one since we've used that one for six years.  It really bounces around a lot.  

Yesterday we took a drive into town and stopped at the Fulton County Historical Society.  

Notice how confused I am about Friday clothing colors. We've always tried to remember to wear red--remember everyone deployed, in their support but now I've heard you should wear blue in support of law enforcement officers.  The shirt I have on is red and blue patriotic symbols.  I hope it works for showing my support for both groups.  

The minute I walked into the historic building, I knew it was a mistake.  It took forever to pay our $3.00 admission because either they didn't have change, or they didn't know how to use the credit card machine.  Finally, between the both of us, we came up with the correct change. 

Bill was disturbed because so many things were incorrectly labeled.  There is a difference between deer horns and cow horns.  They had the dates on rifles wrong and this really bothered Bill.  Nothing was taken care of and haphazardly displayed.  
They had some nice artifacts, but since it was self guided you wondered what they were.  
The medical office was the best display in the whole place.
If the people who do the TV show, "Mysteries at the Museum" were to find something in this place to do a show about, I think this would be it.  
These are the actual hands and forearm Daniel Christman invented and patented for his own use.   

I have no idea why this was significant.

They did have the usual school room replicated. Bill found these posters interesting because we visited Boys Town earlier this year.
When we returned to the coach we had the fireplace cranked up to high speed since the campground didn't have an additional fee for its use.  It was nice and cozy until about 4 pm.  

Around 4 pm, there was a steady flow of travel trailers pulling in.  The minute they were set up, the occupants started their smelly campfires and then piled into the golf carts to cruise the roads of the RV park (I should saw campground).  

Today was my day to drive--clear skies, no wind.  As I passed the fairgrounds all the travel trailers were gone from the fairground.  We figured they closed the fair down at 4 pm and everybody pulled their trailers over to the RV park yesterday.  

I took US 6 west into Indiana and when I came to highway 33 it was closed because a bridge was out.  No problem, we just took 15 north to Goshen.  Traffic was surprisingly light and we didn't have to wait for a single train. 

We could have parked in the northeast corner where the Montana Owners Club (MOC) National Rally is being held.  There's a rally over there, but it is a small one.  The MOC hasn't posted the site numbers yet, so we just pulled into site 200 and will relocate when the sites numbers are posted.  

I know we're early but we really enjoy the area and once the rally starts, there won't be time to do anything else.  Hopefully, the weather will warm up.  It's beautiful looking outside, but you need a light jacket.  I still remember throwing a fit when we bought this coach saying how useless a fireplace would be.  It feels good today.  I'll go ahead and eat my words about the fireplace.  I wouldn't want to have a coach without one now.  

Turtle Safely.........

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