Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Officially Over but not quite yet.

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

There were some Montana's pulling out this morning.  A lot of hugs and "see 'ya's" were being given.  The weather was bright and sunny but a little brisk this morning.  
It seemed like some were reluctant to leave.  I knew we needed to move tomorrow to another site here at the fairgrounds as the diesel Thor rally will be starting.  
Cool enough for short sleeves but I did see long pants this morning.
I finally managed to get all three wagon masters together at once.  Unfortunately, the wives weren't in this photo of
Steve Bishchoff, Royce Baden and Rick Say.
What a beautiful morning for driving.
Sharon Maison is celebrating her 29th birthday.  She ages fast as by dinnertime she was 39.  
Martha and Jim Abernathy were so busy at the Mid Atlantic Rally in Tennessee, I don't think I took a photo of them, but I finally got one today.

The fairgrounds is where the Goshen police have an honor guard school and teach volunteers from other law enforcement agencies and fire departments from all across the United States.  

Mark Allen, Bill and I were outside and Mark removed his hat and we stood with our hands over our hearts as they practiced and paraded down the road.  
Jeff Schrock, of the Goshen Police Department, came over and thanked us.  He explained the whole program to us and told me I could take all the photos I wanted.  They are using a casket and local church to make the service as realistic as possible.  Jeff told us they even had someone pretending to be the widow.  He invited us to attend the service on Friday. 
 Bill and I recognized the West Virginia flag in one group.
One of the RV service techs came by to install a new motor in our exhaust fan.  It seems so strange that our 2012 has been out of warranty and we don't have to pay a penny for any of this service.  

Mark and Bill have been trying to solve all the political problems, but I think they might need a couple more hours to completely fix everything.

Ron and Terrie Ames invited us to join a few people for dinner at Dandino's.  
There were a few here, but they kept coming in.

I believe we counted 27 that attended.  I know I said the diet started the last day of the rally but.......

Turtle Safely.......

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