Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ohio Today.

Mill Creek Camping
Corps of Engineer
Berlin Center, OH
Site #27

I have no idea where all the days went.  We had company every day, but one, in the past month.  I also guess I was having such a good time, I didn't get the camera out.  

We talked about going to see the Clark Gable Museum and also to go golfing.  That's all we did is talk about it.  It was more fun visiting with family and friends.

There were five other fifth wheels in the park and they were all pipeline workers.  They worked long hours, but they also knew how to play when not working.  
Grand daughter, Courtney, just bought her first bow in April and brought it over to use with the "pipeline boys". Courtney is in the middle.

  I thought she did real well against them.  
I wish I had taken a photo of the target.  They all shot bulls eyes.
Doug has been looking at getting a new bow and these guys bought a new limited edition Chris Kyle one and Doug drooled all over.  

Doug, Misty, Me and Shay.

Shay cooks a gigantic brunch every Sunday and we added a few pounds enjoying the food at all of the brunches.

I forgot my camera when we celebrated Levani's 14th birthday.  It's nice to be around for those events.

Misty, Me and Shay.

Doug was busy with his second job as football coach and we went to see the first game of the season.
These are the Brooke Bruins.

We really enjoyed the game and Bill came away hoarse.  
Grand daughter, Jenna, and boyfriend Garret came up from Morgantown, WV for the weekend and met us at the football game.
The band was very impressive.

Daughter, Nikki, has a new job and has been traveling a lot so they came over to see us on the weekend.  
Olivia and Levani, youngest grandchildren,  weren't impressed with adults so they went up to the bedroom to watch TV.

Doug, Shay, Courtney, Garret and Jenna arrived a few hours later.
Doug, Shay, Jenna, Garret, Me, Nicky and Nikki.

Jeff came by a couple of times but somehow I didn't get photos of him.  He could be a movie star with his looks.

Sunday was grand daughter, Taylor's, wedding shower.  I don't know how I forgot the camera, but it must have been Bill's fault, because he took this photo of me right before I left--without the camera!

The shower was perfect!  Misty did a great job of decorating and planning.  She must have been exhausted after all the work that went into it.  I guess she wasn't too exhausted as she came by after work the next night along with
Taylor, and our soon to be new grandson, Justin,  Shay and Courtney.

The guys had fun while the girls were at the shower.  They went out to the Sportsmen's Club and did some target shooting.    

Last night Shay, Misty, Doug, Courtney and Jeff stopped by.  Doug came in with a smile on his face carrying his new Chris Kyle bow.   

It was a whirlwind and we enjoyed every minute of it.  I can't remember when we've been so busy and the late hours we kept.  I know I'm missing a lot of events that went on during the time when I last blogged.  I'll try and be more regular, as it's difficult to play catch up.

Today we drove up to a COE park near Berlin Center.  We booked two days, but maybe we'll stay longer.  We are backed up to the lake and the sites are large and very nice.  As usual, Bill never seems to have trouble with blind side back ins.  Glad we have 50 amp service as it is suppose to be in the upper 80's but my outside thermometer is reading 103.  I wonder which one is right.  

You can't tell from this photo, but the site has a steep slope down to the lake.  I decided it was time to get chocks out.

Turtle Safely.........

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