Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rally On

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

Today is the first official day of the Montana Owners Club Rally.  Bill and I volunteered to help with the parking crew.  I had a blast!  

Bill and I were positioned by the gate and I started flagging the coaches as soon as I saw them come over the railroad tracks.  It was so nice when the Montana owners flashed their lights to let me know they saw us.  There were people that thanked us for being there because they didn't know where to turn in.  
Some of the fifth wheels surprised us by coming in from the other direction.
They were spaced out just perfectly.  By the time one got parked another one was coming down the road.

I didn't get a photo of one that was escorted in by the local police.  The police officer stopped to tell me he escorted him all the way from highway 15.  Thank you to the Goshen Police Department.  

It was nice to be the first to welcome them to the rally.  46% are newbies so there were many that didn't know where to go or what to do after getting parked.  

Bill is checking out our flaggers.  They are suppose to flash but there was so much sun, you couldn't see them.
We've hauled these around since the Escapees Chapter 44 rally when we purchased them at the theater.  

Everyone was in by around 3 pm.  At 4 we had a short coordinator meeting.  Steve did a great job of keeping the meeting informative and short.  
Here's some of the things that were in our welcome bag.

Meet N Greet was held shortly after the meeting.  Lots of good food and conversation.  Sorry I didn't get any photos as we were too busy eating and talking.

Yesterday we went to pick up Vicki and Mark Allen for a trip to White Pigeon and this is what we found.
Vicki's bee sting was swollen more and this is how she greeted us.

Mark loves the countryside and he said he never saw a truck full of ducks before.
There's two places most people visit when in this area--one is the Shipshawana Flea Market and the other is this.  Anything that goes into making an RV can just about be found here.

Yesterday we had dinner at the Allen's and the group grew.
Tomorrow morning we have a tour of  Middlebury Hardwoods, makers of the cabinets in the Montana's.  It will be a non stop day.  

Turtle Safely........

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