Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Party Is Over

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

I can't believe how busy we have been from early morning until late at night.  When I was filling out the feedback form, I realized there were 26 seminars or events that we didn't have time to do.  

Lippert had a seminar about the 6 point level up system and the hydraulic slides.  Keystone followed with an interior design presentation.  I think the one comment we keep hearing is people saying they do not like the dark woods.  

Keystone then provided a great Italian luncheon for everyone.  It was a great meal.  They provided everything including the desserts and drinks.  

Oh yes, did I mention that when we went back to our coach our step handle assist had been replaced?  Our outside speakers and microwave vent cover had turned yellow due to the sun.  These were all replaced too.    

We then heard a presentation from Keystone and what new and innovative things they are coming out with.  All their hall bathrooms now have a pivot door.  The always give the audience a chance to tell them what they like and dislike. 

Bill and I were coordinators for the White Elephant which followed the Keystone Presentation.  We did it a little different this year.  When the gifts were brought in, we put them in black bags.  There was a lot of laughter and I hope everyone had a great time.

The Wagonmasters provided our last food event.  They had a great assortment of ice cream and toppings.  And if we hadn't gained enough, they also had cookies and cupcakes to go with it.  

The last of the door prizes were given out.  It took awhile as there were lots to win.  We won some Rachel Ray suction covers, coffee cup, and even some toilet paper.  The best prize, was the fifty/fifty which I won.  Yep, I won $311.00.  They had some nice prizes such as a 48 inch TV.

It's official the 12th Montana Owners Club Fall Rally is now officially history.  I must say it was a well organized fun event.  The Wagon Masters did a wonderful job and as much work as they did, they were always smiling and enjoying themselves.  I wish I would have taken a photo of those three couples.  

Of course, a lot of us are having  such a great time we're not ready to go down the road. 

Turtle Safely........

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