Monday, November 30, 2015

Where I Left Off

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

I've had a few people call and wondered where we are located. I guess it's been a while since I blogged.

I drove back from Yuma to Casa Grande.  You know that means the weather was sunny and beautiful.  The only problem was as soon as we reached I 10 the winds started to blow.  Nothing bad, but those are the days I like to be co-pilot.  It did feel good with the air conditioner working.

I was very proud of the fact that when we got back to Sundance, I backed the coach in.  It was perfectly straight.  It wasn't as fast as Bill does, but I got it in there.

We've been catching up on the annual doctor visits.  The good news for Bill was the heart doctor took him off plavic.  He'll be 80 years old and only takes a cholesterol pill. Not bad but of course I try to make sure he eats well and he's very conscious if he even gains a pound.  He's scheduled for a stress test next week, so he's been doing a lot of walking.  

We spent Thanksgiving at the assisted living community where Dad lives.  It was one of his better days and he really seemed to enjoy his meal as he cleaned his plate.  
Dad, Sherry, Me, Bill and Dave

They had a table reserved for the five of us and I think Dad thought he was on a cruise ship.

Here's a photo of Victor with Dad.  He really is a dedicated worker and truly cares for Dad. 

We did find out that our niece, Stephanie, is expecting her first child in June.  That definitely makes us feel old but excited. 

That's the news of the week here.  Not much happening when our wheels aren't rolling.

Turtle Safely......

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