Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Finally get to meet a blog follower

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

It's so nice when you write a blog and someone makes a comment.  Even nicer than that is when a reader comes to visit you.

George and Susie Yates have traveled near us in the past but this year they stopped to meet us.  It's not like meeting a stranger because I've read George's blog, Our Awesome Travels, for a long time and kind of know a little about their lives.  This is the first blogger that I have met other than the ones at the Bloggerfest in Quartzite.  I still had a shattered heel at that time and wasn't able to get around and personally talk or meet with everyone at the Bloggerfest.

The unfortunate part of today's meeting was we didn't have a lot of time.  George and Susie drove up from Picacho Peak and were en-route to Congress so their time was limited.  We had an Escapees luncheon in Apache Junction so we agreed to an early morning meeting. 

Of course the meeting was way too short, but I'm sure we'll be seeing them again.   Before we knew it, Sherry and Dave arrived to go to the luncheon with us.  They did take a picture of the four of us.  
George, Susie, Me and Bill

Now those of you that follow George's blog know that he is very conscious of his diet as he used to weigh a lot more and had cholesterol problems.  I don't know about you but I think it's time he changed his header photo.

I think this photo is much better.  See what getting older does, it makes you look better. 

We practically followed George and Susie out to I 10 and then we headed across the reservation to Apache Junction and arrived just in time.  It was nice to see the Chapter 45 members who we hadn't seen since last spring.  

We made a couple of stops on the way home.  I think Dave may have been upset that I showed Sherry a store she hadn't been in before.  It's nice to watch other people spend money.  

Turtle Safely...........

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