Sunday, December 6, 2015

Electric Excitement

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

We had an electrifying evening yesterday.  Toni Laird aka Palamine blogger and Escapees member invited us to dinner last night followed by the Electric Parade.  There were to be three other SKP's joining us.  We know how much traffic the parade produces as I've been in the parade before and we've also been volunteers with the police department so we left early.  Why is it when you allot plenty of time for traffic to get somewhere, there isn't any?  We arrived about 20 minutes before 4.  I called Toni and she said the group had grown and would be there by 4:30.  No problem, we set our lawn chairs on the curb and at that time there weren't a lot of empty places. 

People started streaming in to the restaurant shortly afterwards.  There were 18 seats ready and waiting for the group.  They added a few more chairs and ended up having another table.  Escapees seem to multiply. 

Our meal was great, but due to the entire place being full, the service wasn't as great, but it was no problem as the parade didn't start until 6.

We enjoyed meeting new people and hope to see them again sometime.  

Since we know how the desert can cool down, we had jackets and gloves and were happy we brought them.  Our tummies were full, the weather was perfect, and we were surrounded by happy folks.  What more could you ask for?

The parade started right on time and we were just past the judges stands so we had a great spot.  I must say that one year I remember there were no bands in the parade.  This year there were many and the music was great.  What's a parade without young people and music?

During the parade the fire department which had small ATV's and golf carts were patrolling the parade route.  All at once one came up and said they needed to get through.  There was some kind of emergency behind us.  We immediately moved our chairs out of the way so they could drive in.  They thanked us for allowing them to get through. Another one pulled up and they parked on the curb and took two boxes of equipment with them.  The parade continued and then we noticed the golf cart came back down the street. It stopped right in front of us and thanked us again for allowing them to get through and told us how far they had to go to get back to us.  

The exhibitor's in the parade usually have people walking with the float and pass out candy to the children.  In the years' past they could throw it out, but found the kids running to get the candy.  For the safety of the children they must hand the candy to them now.  I guess they thought I was a kid because I came home with a candy cane.  One company handed out carpenter's pencils to the adults.  So it satisfied both the kid in me and the adult.  

There is no way a novice can take great pictures of a night time light parade.  The lights are flashing and there is a lot of movement but here's what Bill took of the parade.  I had my hands in my mittens, even though the temperature didn't get below the 50's so he did the photos.

Here's a few, but they just aren't the same without all the music and movement.

Oh, before I forget I must apologize to Suzy Yates for spelling her name wrong.  I have 
an equal amount of Suzy-Susie spelled friends and wasn't paying attention.  

Have you cleared your calendar for January 23rd yet? George Yates, Our Awesome Travels, will be giving details soon.  

Turtle Safely........

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