Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quaartzite Day 5

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Polomos Road

Up and at 'em today.  We wanted to leave for the Desert Bar by 9:45 am.  The Montana owners that have never been to the Desert Bar were going to caravan and leave the circle at 10 am.  We've been every year and since the dirt road is 5 miles long, we decided not to follow all the cars and hopefully there is less dust.  

Bob and Pam Beltz invited us to ride with them.  Everyone knows how much Bill hates to drive.  George and Linda Morey decided to follow along.  I love to hear comments from people that have never been to the bar.

The bar doesn't officially open until noon, but they always seem to open up whenever anyone comes early.  

Bob had no trouble finding a parking place right in front of the bridge.  
Bill is showing Bob what the women's restroom looks like.
I've never thought about the rock "wall" behind the toilets.  Do you think any creatures could be in there?
I don't remember seeing this turtle made out of horseshoes.  Do you think Mark Allen or Freddy Prather could make one?

The only problem with arriving early is that the bands weren't playing.  

The food is plentiful and good.  The lines and crowds were down this year.  

 Shirley and John Kohl.
Bob and Pam Beltz and Linda and George Morey.

Pam is sporting the turquoise hat with rhinestones and Linda bought a cute visor.  I ended up with a t-shirt on the mark down rack.  

Notice all the empty seats.  Even the upper patio is nearly empty.

Shortly after we returned from the Desert Bar we had company.
Dennis and Carol Hill

I think Dennis thought I had ice cream so I could make real root beer floats, but I only had the real root beer with 5.9 % alcohol.   Dennis said he was surprised to see me with a beer in hand. 
I went up to the Happy Hour for a little while but went back to watch the Cardinals play.  It's definitely nicer watching it in HD with the new satellite.  

Here's what four Doves look like.
Julie and Don Klein and Janet and Rollie Newman

Another beautiful sunset
How can you not love Arizona in January?

Turtle Safely..........

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