Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quartzite Day 3

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Polomos Road

Another beautiful day in Quartzite--blue skies and no wind.  
I know those of you who know me will be shocked to learn I attended the lanyard craft class this morning.  I did finish mine, but it doesn't look anything like the beautiful ones that the others did.  Shirley felt so sorry for me, she told me I could copy hers but I didn't even get that right.  Did you notice I didn't take a picture of mine?

Bob and Pam Beltz are first timers to Quartzite and Montana owners that we met on RVillage.  We took them over to the Escapees Happy Hour.  It's always nice to have a newbie along and see there reaction on the event.  I was so busy taking photos of everything else, I didn't get their photo today.

The first person we saw was Ed Allard, President of Chapter 45.  He had parked next to the Beckman's and Hirt's.  

Lot's of people that just gather together with the same interests.  
Mark Hall carried my camera up on their roof as he was trying to count how many people were there.  

Can you imagine trying to count heads in this group?

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of Johnny.  His music was so good we spotted this strange couple dancing.
Does anyone know who this couple is?  The lady has a boot like I had on.  The male was on his knees but I didn't get a photo of that one.

Carol Hill has a hat just like the dancing couple lady.

Could this guy be the dancer?  Dennis Hill and Cathie Carr hamming it up.  Cathie told me her mom "Miss Kay" just finished her book.

Denny Orr is looking great.  I wanted to get a photo of Denny and Susie but they were so busy I couldn't get the two of them together.
You'll have to put the photos together for a couple pose.

Just as we were about to leave, my sister, Sherry and husband, Dave arrived.  

Can you believe we didn't see Don and Sharon today?  Don was in Blythe for dialysis and Sharon had a tech coming for an installation.

We left the Escapees a little early as there were things going on at the Circling of the Wagons.  

The circle is almost complete with, one space available in the circle.  And, of course, there are lots of folks who chose to be outside the circle.  

We left the Escapees a little early as there were things going on at the Circling of the Wagons.  

There was a seminar on fire safety with the Norcold refrigerators that we missed.  

I'm not sure which dealer brought over the new Montana's for everyone to tour.  They are all nice but we're content with what we have.  I did like the front living room model with the window over the front cap.  It had the curved ceiling that makes it seem less confining.  The kitchen had great storage and I liked the island without the sink in it.  

We walked back over to our coach to fix dinner.  I had all intentions of going to Happy Hour and then the campfire.  I really did have intentions.  

I am doing great on my foot, but I must admit that the rocks are more difficult that a smooth surface and when I sat in the recliner with my foot elevated, I never left the coach the rest of the night.  Listen to your body, there are many more days here.

Turtle Safely........

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