Sunday, January 17, 2016

Quartzite Day 7

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Polomos Road
Circling of the Wagons

Is it five, six or seven?  Sharon Del Rosario mentioned that I had two Quartzite Day 5 blogs.  I'm hoping I have the right number today.

If you didn't watch the Arizona Cardinals and Packers play last night, you really missed a good game.  I can't remember when there was such an evenly matched game.  Of course, I am happy that the Cardinals won.

Today was a little more laid back than yesterday.  I didn't want to be gone long, as I wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers win.  We used to live in West Virginia about 50 miles from the stadium. Sadly, they lost. 

Bob and Pam left today.  Bob was still having problems with the vertigo and said it was worse today.  Pam has never driven the rig, but she was ready to give it a whirl.  I keep preaching to couples that both spouses need to be able to do everything.  Even those men that say she does the inside and I do the outside.  You need to be able to do it all.  I've had to hitch and drive before and Bill has had to do it all when I was laid up.  Enough said, I preach this a couple of times a year.

Bob said he didn't need any help and he was fine as long as he wasn't bending over.  

Bill and I  made our annual trek to the big tent.  Luckily for us, Bill found a great parking place even though there were vehicles parked everywhere.  

I wonder every year, why any responsible pet owner would subject a pet to the crowds.  There were dogs shaking in fear of being stepped on and some people got tangled in leashes.  You would have thought it was a pet parade instead of an RV show.  I haven't figured out why anyone that has a four legged dog would put it in a stroller and roll it around.  

I think we left before breaking the bank.  I remember the first years of RVing when we went "hog wild" thinking we just had to have so much.  I knew I wanted to renew our roadside service, and Passport America.  I did pick up a water heater flusher that I needed to replace from the disastrous flush I did on the water heater while at the MOC (Montana Owners Club) national rally.  

I guess I was also disappointed that I didn't get my candy fix.  I told Bill that is the first time I walked through the tent with only a tootsie roll and a Twizzler.  No wonder the vendors didn't get our money, when they didn't have any candy out.  

We had a key for a padlock that mysteriously would got lost and then found again.  Since the spare key was still in a lost mode we decided it was time to go to the hardware store and get a spare.  I guess it has been a long time since we had a key made.  It was $3.50.  

Bill kept asking me where I wanted to eat.  I decided I wanted to have a taco.  We drove down to the taco stand and it was closed.  Okay no problem, let's stop at Darlene's.  We finally found a parking space and when we went inside, I turned around  and said "no thanks". It was packed and I didn't want to miss the game.

We arrived back just as the Steeler/Bronco game was starting.  I'm sure Vicki Allen enjoyed it.

I was just watching the weather report.  Did you notice the temps should be in the mid 70's next week?  Do you think the change in the weather has anything to do with Nick Russell leaving Arizona?  

Turtle Safely..........

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