Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twice in One Week

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance, AZ

Is there anything that is more enjoyable than spending time with your friends?  Throw in a delicious meal and there's nothing better.

Everyone knows how much I hate cooking for two people.  I truly think the worst part is deciding what to cook.  Friday night Gerri Beckman called and wanted to know if we wanted to join them at Baro's.  This was one day that I had decided to cook.  It took two trips to the store to get it done.  I was making a tomato vodka cream pasta.  We'd gone to the store to pick up some fresh basil and tomatoes in the morning.  About the time Gerri called, I had it half cooked and I discovered that the bottle of vodka I had in the cabinet was actually rum.  How could I be out of vodka?  I always have vodka for my adult candy I take to happy hours.  Bill made another trip to the store for the vodka.  Any other time, I would have put everything in the refrigerator and gone to dinner with John and Gerri.  I must say the pasta did turn out well.  Mark that one on your calendar!

Last night Bud and Susie Walsh invited us over for dinner. Susie is an excellent cook, and she really enjoys cooking. Can you believe there are people that actually love to cook?

She had also invited another couple who are also from Colorado.  We found we had a lot in common and really enjoyed them.  
Linda, Bud, Skip, Zoey (dog), Susie and Jan

Susie had been playing pickle ball a few days ago and pulled a calf muscle. She said she was doing a lot better but still kept going up and down the steps serving everyone for happy hour.  I still get nervous with people on the steps.

If you've ever stayed at the Casa Grande RV Resort, you probably know about the peacocks.  Here's one that decided to perch on the fence and watch us while we solved all the world problems during happy hour.

I must say I was shocked at the number of empty sites.  Usually there are none at this time of the year.  I think the Canadians have decided to stay in Canada due to the exchange rate.  

 Susie has fixed some delicious meals for us since we've known them but she really outdid herself this time.  I must say I made a pig out of myself and had second helpings.  
Here's a photo of Linda and Skip.  They were a lot of fun and we enjoyed our evening with them.
Susie decided since it was dark and it does cool down in the evenings we should go inside to eat.  Everyone was in short pants and sleeves except me.  Bud even shut the window behind us as they know our blood is much thinner than their's.

As we were leaving we noticed a lot more Montana's in the park.  

I put this photo on Facebook, but wanted to share it here. 
I received a beautiful pair of turtle earring inside a birthday card from Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  We had planned to stay in Quartzite for my birthday but decided to head back early to Casa Grande to check on Dad.  It was definitely a surprise when we picked up the mail.  

 Turtle Safely...........

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