Monday, January 18, 2016

We Set A Record!

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Plomosa Road

Bill and I have attended  Quartzite every year since 2009 and this is a record breaking year.  This is the longest we've ever stayed.  We've gone from one day to over a week.  In case you don't know it, we don't boondock often.  For those readers that aren't into RV's, boondocking is without city water, sewer and electric.  We don't find solar panels cost effective for us since we only boondock a couple of weeks in the year.  We carry fresh water with us and use a generator to recharge our batteries.  On our way home we'll stop at a dump station and empty our tanks. 

Last night I had an email from Curtis Coleman asking me to call him.  When I called him, he said he was giving a seminar on RVillage at the Circle but didn't know where we were.  I gave him directions but he talks in East/West language and I do left/right directions.  I was happy when he did arrive this morning following my directions.  Unfortunately, most people were over at the big tent and missed his talk.  

I am so amazed at how many people join the free site.  He showed us that someone is joining every few minutes.  

Bill and Auggie were getting acquainted.

We wanted to top off our propane so we'd have a full tank for Winter Blast so took it to town to fill.  We stopped by Escapee Chapter 6 and Chapter 21 groups to say hi.  
Stu came over to great us. As you can see, he's a nut and we love him.  Bruce told us that Bernie and Carol Patton had just left.  

Bill found a real "flea market"in town, so we walked around it for awhile.  They had everything from an airplane propeller to a gas pump. Thankfully, we came home empty handed.  
 There were a lot of western items that we escaped buying.
Here's what the Montana Circling of the Wagons looks like from the road.
Here's a shot when you pull into the circle.
It was almost Happy Hour by the time we got back.

And I'll sign off with another spectacular Arizona sunset.

Turtle Safely.......

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