Monday, February 8, 2016

Blast Off

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Sara Park Rodeo Q-1

We pulled out of Sundance RV Resort about 8:15.  The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  I was wearing shorts, and Bill had on jeans and a light jacket.  John and Gerri Beckman  were about 12 miles behind us.  We were meeting at the picnic grounds on I 8.

It really wasn't that cold, and Bill took his jacket off once he got back in the truck.  I offered to drive the first half of the trip. 

John wanted to check the straps on the tow vehicle again in Gila Bend so we did a quick stop at the Shell station.  Next stop was the rest stop on I 10.  Gerri had been driving but they changed driver at the rest stop.  

Jeanne called me and asked where we were.  I said we'd just passed the Vicksburg exit on I 10.  She asked why we hadn't turned down highway 72 and I said John wanted to fuel up in Quartzite.  She didn't know John and Gerri were with us.  I told her we were planning to stop for lunch at the casino in Parker.  She said she'd call back in an hour but thought they'd be there about the same time.  

When she called back they were ahead of us by about 10 miles.  We met up with them at the casino.  Ellen and Marvin were about an hour behind but by the time we had a leisure lunch, they were coming into Parker and waiting on the side of the road for us.  

I told Bill I was enjoying driving so I took the wheel the rest of the way in.  I love the the drive along the Colorado River with the hills and slight curves.  

The sites at the Rodeo grounds are marked off so I directed Bill into the end square, and realized it said 2 on it.  How could that be?  We're suppose to be in Q-1.  They didn't put the other line on it.  
Bill pulled in with the back window looking out so if the weather turns bad we can watch the show from our living room.  I doubt the weather is going to turn bad as its suppose to be in the 80's.  The winds were bad when we left Parker, but I didn't realize how bad until we stepped out of the truck to get our reservation papers.  

We have a great neighbors, John and Gerri next to us, Jeanne and Nick, and Ellen and Marvin.  

One Montana couple, rented two sites because last year they were suppose to be on the end like us and they added a site so they weren't on the end.  
The happy hour circle kept growing as more people joined in on the fun.
John and his new bride, Shirley, arrived just before  we decided to call it an evening.
It's been a long, busy, fun day.  

I didn't see my message  Boomers having dinner at Lin's Buffet until we came back inside.  We were so full from our lunch, we couldn't have eaten another bite but it would have been fun to have seen Judy and Luke and Barb and Tom.  I'm sure we'll see them again before we leave.  

Turtle Safely.......

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