Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Half of Nixon Library

Ontario, California
Elks Lodge 1419 #11

We knew we weren't going far, but had heard the traffic was horrendous and there was 16 miles of construction in our short trip of 46 miles down the mountain.

I was so happy to leave the "resort" where we were staying.  It was so narrow our door almost hit the electric pedestal in the next lot.  There was a dead tree and a pine tree that we had to maneuver around.  Did I hear someone wondering who was doing the driving?  I told Bill I wouldn't drive until we get out of California.  Oh yeah, as we came out of our site on the  one lane road, another RV came down it to dump.  He had to back out once he saw us.  I did spot him though while he backed up.  

I think we were about 4,000 feet elevation and this morning it was 36 degrees when we woke up.  It had been in the 90's the afternoon when we arrived.  Unfortunately, we forgot to turn the propane on when we set up so we didn't have heat.  

This Elk's Lodge is very friendly and very nice.  We are backed up to a wall of bougainvillea.

After we were set up, we jumped in the truck to drive down to Yorba Linda to see the Nixon Presidential Library.  The traffic is terrible.  10 mph was the norm going down the highway.  The lanes are so narrow, I was sitting almost in the middle seat because I couldn't stand watching how close the trucks were to us.  The 26 mile trip took almost an hour on the freeway.

I should have known that something was amiss when the girl at the admissions said we were only being charged half price, the Library is undergoing renovation.  I somehow think the $4.25 was almost too much.  On a positive note, the 30 minute video of the Nixon's was very good.  

The East Room replica was larger than the one in Washington but the paintings the docent told us about were behind some screens.  The chandelier was impressive.  The reflecting pool reminded us of the Truman library.  

We waited for a docent to take us through the original house in which Richard Nixon was born.  This was the best part of the library.  It is on the original site and has the original furnishings.  We weren't allowed to go upstairs but I was impressed with this tour.  

This is the bedroom where Nixon was born.
Nixon helped with the placement of the original furniture when it was removed from storage.

Bill and I walked down to the Helicopter but it was closed due to the excessive heat.  

The graves of Pat and Richard Nixon were nearby the original house.  

We also saw the gazebo that was used in Trish's wedding at the White House.  
Today was a travel day and tour day but the big highlight will have to wait until tomorrow.  

Until then...Turtle Safely.......

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