Thursday, February 18, 2016

Indestructible Flashlight

Winterhaven, California
Pilot Knob

What a day!  I think the past four days have caught up with us both.  Normally, we always stay two days somewhere and usually we do not go anywhere immediately after we are parked.  We broke all of our rules these past days and we really paid for it today.  

Yesterday we drove 150 miles round trip and also spent the time touring the Reagan Presidential Library.  

It started raining pretty steady after we returned to the Elk's.  When we arose this morning, it was still drizzling.  I watched the weather and it said it would stop at 9 am.  Bill and I debated whether to stay or go and about 10, the sun came out.  OK, we're leaving.  About 5 miles down the interstate, we caught up to the rain.  Did I mention the horrendous traffic?  Add the rain and the traffic and it makes a bad driving day.  

I kept looking at the MPG gauge on the truck.  I couldn't believe we were getting this mileage towing. 
Over twenty miles per gallon, I couldn't believe it.  As soon as we stopped at a rest stop, I understood why.  The winds were blowing so hard, I was having trouble opening the truck door.  The tailwind was blowing us down the highway.  We watched a workmen at the rest area who had a barrel size container full of water that blew over.  The water blew clear across the bathroom building. 

Unfortunately, we turned south at Indio and lost the wind.  We hadn't taken the drive around the Salton Sea in a long time.  It should be a relaxing drive.  Well it should have been.
The road was in terrible shape.  It was washboard most of the way.  

We were both exhausted but  said no to this RV "Resort" in Brawley.

We stopped at Pilot Knob.  That's when we found out how indestructible our flashlight is.  I heard a sound when I tried to put the slide out.  Bill and I looked around and didn't see anything in the way.  The slides when out without a problem.  

Then I saw this!  

This is our flashlight that rolled under the slide and then was caught in the slide.  The light color is the underside of the flooring that was also stuck.

It took some in and out on the slides but we finally got the flashlight out.  

It still works fine.

Bill and I are going to hibernate all day tomorrow.  We just need a down day by ourselves.  

Anyone with ideas of how to repair the damage, please let us know your thoughts.  

Turtle Safely........

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