Monday, February 1, 2016

Not As Bad As Predicted

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

The weatherman forecast high winds and a drop of 15 degrees and rain for the metro Phoenix area.  The elevation for Casa Grande is around 1450 feet.  It's always much warmer in Casa Grande in the winter than the Tucson and Phoenix Metro area due to the elevation.  

The winds started blowing yesterday but we didn't notice any dust storms.  I had an appointment at the eye doctor and was worried the drive to the Phoenix area would be bad due to the weather, but there wasn't any traffic to speak of. I did notice that all the dividers between the lanes that are all landscaped had big branches out in the roadway or tree branches that were dangling into the traffic lanes.  We didn't encounter any rain.

I had my tests done and the good news is, there is no news.  Everything remained the same.  I have to follow up with another appointment in three months.  

Janet and Rollie Newman were staying at the John Wayne RV Park near Maricopa.  We made plans yesterday to go out to lunch today when we returned from the Valley.  I gave them a call when we were about home and they came over.  We chatted for awhile and decided to go out for Chinese food.   
 Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals.  
I guess I'll call this another "Montana Mingle".  Since we met them through the Montana Owners Club.  

When you're at a rally or a big event with other members, you don't really get a chance to talk one on one.  It was really nice getting to visit with them.  I'll think of Rollie every time I visit the Titan Missile Museum.  

They are headed back to their home in Texas but I'm sure we'll see them again.

Turtle Safely........

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