Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pre Blast Off

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Sara Park Rodeo Grounds--Q1

Another gorgeous day!  Gerri, John, Marvin and Ellen drove back to Roovers Roost for the annual leaseholders meeting around 8 this morning and will return tomorrow.

Many of the folks who are new to the area took a day trip to Oatman to see the town and the famous burros.  

John Kohl came over to install a worry meter for us.  He's always helping fellow RVers.  

Shirley, John, Bill and I went to town to get a longer cable. Our plastic handle broke on our screen door and we were looking for a RV dealer to get the part when we passed the Black Bear Restaurant.  

It was about lunch time so we circled back around to the restaurant.  They were advertising Parmesan fresh cut potato chips.  I thought it sounded interesting and didn't order my normal salad.  Bill and I split a Reuben sandwich with the chips.  They were good, but nothing I would drive out of my way to get.  It was nice being able to spend time with John and Shirley and not have to share them with other people.  

By the time we were headed back to the rodeo grounds we decided to wait another day to locate the plastic door opener.

John immediately hooked the cable to the batteries.  He also encouraged us to buy a part to prevent a fire from the batteries.  Safety is always important to Bill.  We also got a nice discount because the owner of the shop was a Steeler fan and we used to live about 45 miles apart.  I also think that John being a Marine also added to the discount. 

John was too busy to smile for the camera.

I thought Bill took a photo of John and I in the basement but I only found this one.  

That's John's hat by my head.  He's explaining where my converter is located.

It was Happy Hour by the time we finished.  I must say Linda made some very good daiquiris.  They hit the spot.  I shared some Root Beer with some that have never tried it.  

  Notice we were all huddled in the shade.  For those of you in other parts of the country, I'm sorry you aren't here in the 80 degree temps.  

There was a lot of laughter and some great stories.
Notice the bottle in front of Dave and Susie.

Is that  not the perfect bottle for a Montana Mingle?  If you click on the photo to enlarge it you'll see the name of the vodka is "Fifth Wheel".  

All this fun and the the Winter Blast doesn't start until tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.......  

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