Monday, February 15, 2016

The Blast Was A Blast

Victorville, California
Shady Oasis Kampground

Well what can I say?  We were so busy at the Winter Blast by the time we came back inside at night, we just crashed. 
No time to keep up with the blog.
 Bill didn't have a chance at the Circling of the Wagons to get to know Chili but they made friends here.  I hope Gigi doesn't see this photo.
We went to lunch with John and Shirley Kohl and John caught a photo of this boat.

John wired a worry meter for us.  He makes a job like that look simple, but I'm sure it isn't.  Thanks again, John, we really appreciate it.

 There were Happy Hours every day which lasted until the fireworks shows started.
Linda and David had an extra shade screen to give us more shade.  

Lots and lots of food and drink were consumed.
John made his famous sourdough pancakes for our potluck breakfast.  The best I've ever tasted.
The food was great.
More jokes and stories.....
The weather couldn't have been nicer.

There were a few vacant sites this year.  It must have something to do with increasing the rates from $100 to $150 to dry camp.  They did build a new shower house and now welcome RV clubs for rallies.

 Notice that blue sky?
Here's where we sat to watch the fireworks displays.  That's our Montana in the back.  We parked backwards so when we got tired we could go inside and watch from the recliners.
Look who's playing with my kite.
There really wasn't enough wind this day to get it up high.
John and Gerri were parked next to us.
How would you like to park like this.  The back jack is in a big hole and has a stack of boards.  At least they chocked the wheels.

The band wasn't suppose to start until 4 but they were playing at 3 when we walked up the hill.

The band was playing but the bar wasn't open yet.
Waiting for their food.
The popcorn wagon made a lot of money on our group.

There were two buses that were full of tourists.
Nick is guarding the popcorn.
Dinner was tri-tip, chicken, salad, cowboy beans, garlic bread and a drink.  The tri-tip is good but nothing compares with Don's.

Can you see the line of people?  Linda and I were the first ones in line.

That's a lot of people to feed.
I was able to climb up in the bleachers and take these photos.

I think we were told that they have 400 sites here.
They keep the restrooms immaculate.

This building is where they served the food.
I must say that I didn't even attempt to take a photos of the fireworks.  Curtis really took some good ones and other people posted them on facebook.
Bill started Valentine's Day dressed for the occasion while he cooked a delicious breakfast for me followed by lunch at Red Robin.

We drove down to the beach and walked around the park.  

There were some kids swimming but most were just playing on the beach.
I thought this kid was so cute and he could ride that bike without training wheels.
I didn't have a photo of Linda and Dennis by their Montana.
I couldn't make up my mind which photo was the best so I'm posting both.

Of course sunsets are awesome here.
How can you not love it here?

Sunday the winds kicked up.  I had my kite up to the end of my line but it was so strong I couldn't reel it in.  Thankfully, Nick helped me get it down.

I had a lot of e-mails asking how the blast was going.  I'm sorry I didn't blog everyday as so much was happening and when I try to go backwards I always forget things.  I just didn't have time to read any blogs or emails.

We left Lake Havasu before 9 today as the winds were suppose to be bad. Guess who's turn it was to drive?  Yep, I know how to pick them--Bill drove in the winds.   We headed north and caught I 40 and turned west.  

We're in Victorville, California.  We wanted to stop at a full hook up site to dump our tanks.  We still had plenty of water on board so didn't even hook up the water.

Bill has a friend/relative that we haven't seen for awhile so once we were parked we drove to Hesperia to visit with Larry.  
Unfortunately, we didn't have long to spend with him as we wanted to get back while it was still daylight.  

Turtle Safely........

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