Wednesday, June 29, 2016

That's a First--Condom Store

Stroudsburg, PA
Pocono Vacation Park

We are no different than any other RVers.  It's difficult to find a place over a holiday weekend.  I was lucky to find a vacancy in a park with over 300 sites.  

We didn't leave Shartlesville until close to noon but we only had 70 miles to this park.  I 78 was the worse road we've traveled since we left Arizona in April.  Traffic was bad and once again those disc brakes saved us, when we topped a hill and found all the traffic stopped.  

As we checked in I reminded the women that I wanted a site without trees for our satellite.  Our escort drove a car and we followed him to our site.  He was talking on his walkie talkie and came back to say that our site was change to 4 sites down because that one had trees.  No problem.  We pulled into our site which was long enough but with not much room to spare.  

We quit carrying boards for leveling when we had the level ups.  This site was uneven side to side and dropped way off on the front.

I pushed the button and the trailer extended all the way on the front and the right side wheels on the trailer were off the ground.  We had those orange square leveling blocks but that still didn't work.  I couldn't tell you how many times we hitched and unhitched.  

Finally I walked back up to the office and said we couldn't get level.  Of course there wasn't much to choose from.  The women worked hard trying to move other people who hadn't arrived yet.  We also wanted a 50 amp site.  Finally she breathed a sigh of relief and told the escort to take us to the other side of the park.  He told us, that many people have trouble leveling on those sites.

Yeah!  No problem leveling up.  Good satellite signal and the best part, it doesn't look like there are as many kids in this area.  

We haven't been in an area where there has been a supermarket or Walmart since we left West Virginia.  We really needed to restock the pantry.  

The town is only three miles away.  Now bear in mind we are traveling in a highly populated area.  We're driving up business route 209.  A typical Main Street in any tourist area. Bill points out this business.  I'm sorry about the reflections and poor quality of the photo.
Now I've heard of a lot of different specialty shops but this is the first condom store I've ever seen.  I grabbed the camera and took a quick photo as the traffic finally started moving.  The photo didn't show the sperms floating around on the bottom of the glass window of the business.  

I know a lot of people take home souvenirs, do you think they have Pocono decorated condoms?  Should I bring any souvenirs back?

We found a Walmart that was packed.  I just picked up a few items off the normal list of bread, milk and eggs.  I will have to go back as we'll need to fill Bill's Pradaxa before we leave here.

We stopped for dinner at the Triple Dinner.  Can you believe the bill was less than $15?  I had broiled flounder stuffed with spinach and cheese, a baked potato, cole slaw, a bowl of chili and a salad bar.  The dinner also included dessert but I was too full to have one.  There was a huge selection and looking at the other people's orders in the restaurant everything looked delicious.  Service was also excellent.  I'd return in a heartbeat.  

Both of us were happy to return to the park and just veg the rest of the evening.  

Turtle Safely........

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