Saturday, June 11, 2016

Up on the Roof

Creekside Estates
Weirton, West Virginia

Early yesterday morning we were in Walmart when our son-in-law, Nicky, called.  He was going to bring Levani and Olivia over after lunch.  I asked him if he had an extension ladder I could borrow as I needed to get up on our roof and check an error code I was getting from the satellite.  

We drove over to his house and picked up the ladder and the two kids.  We parked the truck and started carrying in the groceries when I noticed that Levani was on the roof. He hollered down that he found the problem.  There was one end of coax that wasn't connected.   I had bought a short piece of coax in Walmart anticipating that would be the problem on the satellite.  

I borrowed the extension ladder because the last time I thought about getting on the roof, I had an anxiety attack.  I forget that we no longer have that old ladder mount for the old satellite that I had to get around when getting up on the roof.  
As it turned out, the coax end had broken off so we replaced that six foot piece.  We had to take the LNB apart to connect the other end, but it wasn't difficult.  
We're waiting for Bill to test it.  Yeah, we have satellite.   

I guess we didn't need the ladder after all.

There was a slight breeze so I got out my Prism kite to let the kids play with it.

Olivia wasn't interested, there was a creek she wanted to check out.
Levani is very mechanical and knew exactly how to put the kite together.

Of course as soon as we had it together, the breeze died down.
If the breeze dies down....

just run enough to make your own breeze.

Olivia was content playing in the creek.

Bear in  mind, that we aren't around the grand kids except when we travel east.  All of a sudden I looked up and saw Levani back up on the roof, with the kite.  He thought there would be more wind up there.  I was in a panic because I knew his dad was going to be here any minute.  Can I get him down before his dad arrives?  How would I explain that one?

Nicky arrived a little while later with a car load of food.  He brought two huge sub sandwiches, chips and pasta salad.  We spent the afternoon visiting with them.  Our daughter, Nikki, stopped by for a little while between meetings at work.  Sorry I didn't get photos of Nicky and Nikki.  

It seemed to be getting warm inside but the door had been opened and closed nonstop so I didn't think much about it.

No sooner than they left, daughter, Misty knocked at the door.  Taylor, our oldest granddaughter, was with Misty.  
By this time, I am getting worried that maybe the air conditioner isn't working.  

It is on, but the air is only a little bit cool.  Oh well, it's nice outside so we sat outside.  Other daughter, Shay, and Doug stopped by a little while later.  Glad they always carry two camp chairs in their trunk.
We enjoyed the evening until very late.
It's hard to believe how quickly the time goes by when you are having fun.
Bill was ready for some western channel TV when everyone left.

Anybody know of a mobile RV tech who works on the weekends?

Turtle Safely.......

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