Sunday, June 5, 2016

We Are Lucky People

Lake Aires RV Park
Hollywood, SC

Yesterday I had thought about visiting the Air Force Museum in Pooler which would have been inside and air conditioned.  We didn't get an early start but knew we needed to stop at Walmart and get Bill's Pradaxa refilled before we did anything else.  Also the local weather forecast was predicting hot, humid and rain.  

Normally, getting a prescription refilled is uncomplicated and quick.  Yesterday was the exception.  Of course we did forget about the three hour difference in the time.  It took over two hours to get it refilled.  Oh well, at least we did get new wiper blades for the truck in preparation for the rain. It was hot and humid yesterday.  The very first day we've experienced the heat that bad.  By the time we finally left Walmart neither one of us felt like doing anything else.

See that beautiful blue sky.  It's suppose to be raining.  We had less than 100 miles to go today.

When we made the last turn into the campground the road was covered with water.  The RV park host told us that they had a downpour a couple of minutes before we arrived.  It didn't look like it was going to rain to us.  

Who wants to stand in the water and connect the electric?
We don't normally put anything under the jacks, but we did this time.  It's bright orange and sunk down in the mud.

These are the bites Bill got when we visited Fort Pulaski.  I think he needs to stay out of the grass.  The bugs don't bother me nearly as bad.

We ate lunch and decided to go into Charleston and visit Fort Sumter.  The weather forecast still predicts rain so thought we'd go in while the weather was decent.  It was cloudy and humid.  

Charleston is a pretty town and the traffic wasn't as bad as we though it would be.

We plan to tour some mansions but this one wasn't on our list.

As we got up to the ticket window, the man said that's the last tickets of the day.  We didn't realize that the last boat out to Fort Sumter was at 2:30.  We were very lucky we didn't arrive a minute later.  

TIt takes 30 minutes to ride out to Fort Sumter.  We passed the cruise ship Carnival Ecstasy and I'm still trying to remember who it was that we know was on it.  

On the other side of the channel was USS Yorktown.  Hopefully, we'll get a chance to tour it.

The park ranger, who was on the top deck, gave a great talk about Fort Sumter. We were the last ones on, and we found a table inside on the lower level close to the speaker to ensure we wouldn't miss her presentation.  That lower deck was all teenagers.  Needless to say, they weren't interested in the presentation.  They were throwing water bottles around like they were playing football.  

It was windy and the temperatures were very nice.  

Bill and I both preferred Fort Pulaski, but I'm sure that was because we had the guided tour by a knowledgeable docent.

The views were great from the top level but windy.  Bill almost lost his hat.
We toured the museum, but it was packed with people.
Here's that famous flag.  

The last boat left the island at 4:15 and by the time we returned the exhibits in the welcome center were closed.  

There's so much to see in this city, it will be a hard to decide what we'll do.  Of course, we'll have to watch the weather because sooner or later with all these predictions of rain it could actually happen.  Besides, we bought new wiper blades so we'll be ready. 

Turtle Safely........

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