Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Took the Leeches With Us.

Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania
Ye Olde Mill Campgrounds

The internet was so slow and we were so busy that I haven't blogged in five days.  That's not to say there wasn't a lot going on, but it was mostly family and friends.

I last left off with Polly and Vern Fogler arriving to spend a couple of days in Weirton and we were headed to the Crooked Dock.  

Josh, Doug, Shay, Bill, Me, Polly and Vern.
Did I mention that Josh's parents have a house in Casa Grande?  

Bill and I both didn't even consider anything else.  Those steak salads are the best.
There really is a crooked dock at the Crooked Dock Restaurant.
Lucky for us, we didn't have outdoor seating as it rained while we were eating.
Polly and Vern are always smiling.
Nikki, Me, Polly, Vern and Nicky.  Polly had prepared vegetable soup for dinner for us but we still managed to eat some pizza that Nicky and Nikki brought down to us.  Levani and Olivia were inside the coach.

The following night Garrett and Jenna were in for the weekend from Lewisburg, WV.  

Bill said his truck needed a coat of wax.  Can you see Shay's car reflected in the truck?

We were planning to go down to Lewisburg for Jenna's pinning for her new job but found out the fairground in Lewisburg was full.  There is an international Airstream rally being held there and no vacancies  until after the 4th of July. 

Misty came by to join the party.  Bill is enjoying some pizza that Doug and Shay brought.

Polly and Vern also joined the party.

Garrett brought his truck over to show all the alterations he's made to it.

Garrett and Jenna are a happy couple.
Romeo also joined the party.  He is watching another dog in the park.

Romeo isn't lacking for attention.

Shay has a Sunday brunch open house every Sunday.  She loves to cook and puts out a huge spread every Sunday.
Taylor and her Dad, Ray were there when we arrived.  Courtney, Josh and Bella also were there, along with Jenna and Garrett.  Jeff arrived later, but there was plenty of food left.

Ray and Misty
What could be better than spending Father's Day with family?
Bella isn't quite two yet, but she sure keeps the place lively.

Bill has a lot of reading material to keep him busy.

Garrett and Jeff were checking out our Pac Brake.

Jenna, who is an animal lover, takes care of animals that need special attention.  She had two kittens that were found abandoned and hand feeds them until they
can eat on their own.  This kitten seemed to love Bill's shoe.

Yesterday John and Doris Care stopped by for a visit.  We missed them when they stopped on Sunday so we stayed an extra day.  
After they left, we met Shay, Doug and Misty at the nearby Chico's Mexican Restaurant.  It just happened to be Margarita night.  The special was on all Margarita's including the jumbo size.  Guess what size Shay and I had?
I didn't have the camera in the restaurant, but you can tell by this photo we were having a good time.

Doug, Shay and Misty

We pulled out of the park a little before 9 in a shiny truck that Bill waxed yesterday.  Polly and Vern were headed in a different direction and were still hitching up when we left.

As we were leaving town and coming down the ramp to get on US 22 there was a police car that came around us and stopped.  You can't tell from the photo, but a car rear ended this tractor trailer.  The whole front half of the car was under the tractor trailer.  They were trying to cut the car apart as we drove by.

Polly called us later this evening to say the traffic was terrible and they closed the road down to get a helicopter to land on the road.  I hope that means that no one was killed in that accident.

We had clouds most of the way, but no rain and not much construction once we got on the turnpike.  Usually once Bill waxes the truck, it means rain.  

Now if you've read this far in the blog, you might be wondering what the title means.  Bill has this nice sized container to put his sewer hose supports in.  When he went to set up the sewer hose he found these leeches in the box.

Turtle Safely.........

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